Tame the Beasts and Sink your Teeth in Juicy Prizes

Tame the Beasts and Sink your Teeth in Juicy Prizes

The most ferocious cats and wolfs have £15,000 in cash prizes up for grabs. Are you daring enough to stand up to them? Just get your paws on ‘Cats’ and ‘Wolf Run’ and you’ll get a unique chance to earn yourself a share of the prize money. If you are wondering where to go, the answer is Gala Casino. Hurry up and head over there before the beasts run away.

Cats Slot

How to get your claws on the prize?

It’s actually quite easy to grab a share of this fabulous prize pool. All you have to do is pay a visit to Gala Casino and tame the beasts there. Here’s what you need to do for a chance to hunt down one of the prizes:

  • Log into your Gala Casino account
  • Top up you balance
  • Load up either Wolf Run and/or Cats
  • Wager £10 cash on these games before the 26thof July

That’s all there is. Follow the instructions above and you will earn an entry to the prize draw. Get extra entries, and increase your chances of a successful hunt, with every additional £10 you play on either Wolf Run or Cats.

Play Wolf Run and Cats for a chance to win a share from £15,000 prize pool!

So, basically the more you play, the better your chances of winning. The prize draw pounces on 28th July, so don’t miss out – grab all the entries you can, while there is still time.

What are the prizes?

The fabulous prize pool of £15,000 will be shared among 500 lucky players. Each winner will get a fair share in the random draw. The prize money will be distributed in the following way:

  • £100 to 20 players
  • £75 to 30 players
  • £50 to 100 players
  • £25 to 150 players
  • £10 to 200 players

New to Gala Casino?

If you still haven’t joined Gala Casino, now it is the perfect time to do so. This generous online casino will greet you with an awesome welcome package:

However, there are some fabulous exclusive bonuses and other promotions up for grabs. Check out the Gala Casino Bonuses page and make your pick. Be sure to top up your account balance with one or all bonuses and get more chances to win!

Now, go to Gala Casino to tame the wild beasts and sink your teeth in the juicy prize pool!

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