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Stay informed with slot payout ratios at Video Slots Casino

Stay informed with slot payout ratios at Video Slots Casino

Love slots but wish you could know which games are the loosest? Video Slots Casino are making it easier than ever with their new Game Payouts page. You can now check out how every single slot has been paying out over any given time period. Learn more below, and then stop by Video Slots Casino to try this cool feature out for yourself.

Find the hottest slots on the floor

Video Slots Casino’s new Game Payouts page will give you all the information you want about how your favourite slots have been performing for all players. Get started by going to Video Slots Casino and choosing the “Game Payouts” link on the right side of the top menu.

If you’re looking for a specific game, you can go ahead and just type it in the search bar. Otherwise, you’ll be presented with the entire list of slots at Video Slots Casino.

Understanding the payout notation

Next to each game, you’ll find two bits of information regarding the game’s payout. The first is the percentage for the given timeframe and settings (more on this below). This number is the total amount paid out divided by the total wagers for the given period. For instance, if Starburst paid out $980 and there were a total of $1,000 in wagers during the selected timeframe, it would have a 98% payout ratio (actual).

Starburst Slot

The second figure tells you whether the game has gotten looser (green arrow) or tighter (red arrow) since the previous month, at the time of the last update. This can paint a picture of the game’s trends.

Actual versus theoretical

One of the most important things to distinguish on the Game Payouts screen is whether the data are actual or theoretical. “Actual” means the payout ratio over the given time frame, based on actual wagers and winnings. “Th­eor­eti­cal­” is the payout ratio the game is designed to pay out in the long term (like the house edge of a table game), and is ultimately the more useful figure. The theoretical ratio will not change over time.

Other sorting features

If you prefer to play a specific kind of game, you can compare games within a particular category. Just click the menu that says “All Casino Games” and change it to your desired type of slot.

Need to change how the games are organized? By default, the games are sorted from top-to-bottom based on their popularity. To change this to least played, highest payouts, or lowest payouts, just click the menu that says “Po­pul­ar” and make the change.

Want to see more or fewer games at a time? The number menu changes the number of games you can compare on a single page.

Important considerations

Remember that all slots at Video Slots Casino (and at the vast majority of casinos around the world) are independently random. That means that past hot streaks and cold streaks have no bearing on how the game will play in the future, and ultimately the “actual” data should be used for entertainment purposes only. Use the “th­eor­eti­cal­” mode if you’re genuinely interested in what the best bets are: the closer to 100% a slot is, the looser the game will be in the long run.

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