Solve the Murder on the Orient Express at Bet365 Casino

Solve the Murder on the Orient Express at Bet365 Casino

In the spirit of Halloween, Bet365 Casino is taking you on a murder mystery adventure inspired by the Agatha Christie classic Murder on the Orient Express. Throughout the rest of October, log into Bet365 Casino as many days as you can to complete the necessary tasks and unlock clues about the crime scene. If you correctly guess the murderer, you’ll be entered to win a six-day European holiday package worth thousands, complete with a trip on the real Orient Express train!

How to become a Bet365 Casino detective

Everyone at Bet365 Casino is welcome to enter the Murder on the Orient Express giveaway. To start, we recommend heading over to their “Pr­omo­tio­ns” page and clicking on the Murder on the Orient Express link. This is where you’ll find all the tasks you need to complete to get the daily clues. The sooner you start your investigation, the better your chances will be of finding out who the murderer really is.

Find clues and solve the mystery

Bet365 Casino will give you a set of clues each day once you complete the tasks outlined on the Murder on the Orient Express page. Thankfully you won’t have to go out into the cold to interview suspects: you just have to play! Just make sure you complete tasks for 9 qualifying days to reveal all the clues, solve the murder, and enter to win the holiday package.

Super sleuth bonuses

Bet365 Casino will be giving out more than 600 random bonuses throughout the Murder on the Orient Express promotion. These come attached with clues that will seriously help you out if you miss a day or two. Just make sure you log into the casino frequently so you can take a chance at one of these great bonuses!

A holiday getaway for the best detective

When the Murder on the Orient Express promotion ends, Bet365 Casino will take all players who correctly guessed the murderer and randomly select one to win a lavish European getaway! If you’re the lucky winner, you and a friend will be treated to a six-day holiday travel package that includes a night in one of London’s finest hotels, a journey on the real Orient Express, three nights in beautiful Venice, and £1,500 in spending money.

Start your Orient Express adventure at Bet365 Casino today

You need all the clues you can get to solve this murder mystery and find out “wh­odu­nit­?” once and for all. If you’re up to this exciting challenge, just head over to Bet365 Casino right now and complete today’s tasks. Don’t forget to try for your daily bonuses too for even more rewards! Prove your worth as a detective and you might just find yourself on the real Orient Express on a truly killer holiday.

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