Sit on your booty this month to win a share of €25,000!

Sit on your booty this month to win a share of €25,000!

October is a new month and 24h Bet Casino have officially gone crazy. The online casino have decided they’re going to hand out some serious booty. You’ll need to play in their Sit & Go Tournaments to be in with a chance of winning a share of €25,000. The more gutsy players will also collect points and climb the €10,000 Sit & Go Booty Leaderboard! Let’s see what you have to do to take part.

Earn money on your booty

This month gives you the perfect opportunity to play at your favourite NetEnt Casino with the chance of getting your hands on some extra booty. The prize money is set at €25,000 and the Sit & Go Tournament levels are from €5 - €20.

All you have to do is sit on your booty and win a share of €25,000 it doesn’t get much better than that

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a bigger booty. Which is why you’ll be able to collect points throughout October in order to climb the €10,000 Sit & Go Booty Leaderboard. Show off your booty as you work your way to the top wand walk away with €1,000 in extra cash!

How to get your share of the prize money

Taking part is really simple. Head over to 24h Bet Casino and play any of their regular or Heads-Up Sit & Go Booty Tournaments. You’ll be able to pick a choice of three buy in fees, €5+0.50, €10+1 or €20+2. This way you can pick the tournament that best suits your budget.

No one will be left out in the cold with a buy in fee to cater for all

Make sure you pick a tournament that is eligible for the promotion. All eligible tournaments with the amount of added money are visible from the Sit & Go Lobby.

Leaderboard Prizes

You will start to earn leaderboard points based on how many times you cash in on the casinos special Sit & Go’s and the buy in of the Sit & Go’s. You will get 1 leaderboard point for every €1 buy-in on the regular Sit & Go’s. For every €1 buy-in on the Heads up Sit & Go’s you’ll earn 0.5 points.

So, if you were to cash in a €5+50 regular Sit & Go you’d earn 5 points on the leaderboard, the €10+1 would get you 10 points and so on. If you were to cash in the same buy-ins but on the Heads Up tournaments you would get half as many points. You will only earn leaderboard points for promotional Sit & Go’s where you get a cash prize.

There are shed loads of cash to be handed out and all you have to do is rank on the leaderboard between position 1 and 450 to secure a cash prize. Cash prizes start at €2.50 at the bottom of the leaderboard and work right up to the top prize of €1,000. Once the promotion has ended winners will receive their prizes within 5 days.

All that’s left to do now is play! You don’t need to get off your booty to win some booty. So stay where you are and head straight to 24h Bet Casino. If you’re a new player check out our 24h Bet Casino Bonuses before you sign up.

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