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Sing Along or Race Through Finish Line for a Share of 40 Million

Sing Along or Race Through Finish Line for a Share of 40 Million

This May, we urge you to go to Vera John Casino because they are leaving no stone unturned this month. Why we say that? Well, mainly because they have prepared a prize pool worth €40 million. The entire prize pool is reserved for their players who like music and those who like really fast racing. Here’s what this is all about!

Eurovision vs Monaco

Okay, I bet that upon reading this subheading, you are wondering what does this have to do with the online gambling and these 40 Million. Well here’s the explanation.

Vera John are releasing a fun new competition that you will hardly find anywhere else. Your knowledge will be tested and you will earn tickets to vote in the latest events. By competing you will get a chance to get a life-changing win.

This amazing prize pool is reserved for 2 big events that are to take place this May. You can vote in the Eurovision which is split into 3 rounds, or the Grand Prix.

To vote in the events you will have to have a special Millions Ticket that you can get in Vera John’s Millions shop. Once you get the ticket, everything else is easy. Whether you’re Eurovision fanatic and love music, or fast car enthusiast, this casino has something for you.


To get a complete explanation and a break down on how to get your Millions Ticket you need to keep reading and follow the steps.

  • Visit Vera John Casino
  • Open Millions tab
  • Choose your winners for the event your voting

In order to get the ticket for voting you need to subscribe for Vera John newsletters after you create an account. If, however, you already have an account then you can subscribe to the newsletter in your account settings page.

Once subscribed, you’ll receive a Millions Ticket by 12 CEST the very next day, which can be used to vote in the relevant event. 

If you’ve made your first deposit then you can use your coins to buy a ticket in the shop. This will let you vote for the desired event. You can buy as many tickets as you desire, the more votes you make, the better your chances of winning!

V&J Eurovision Millions

This May, Eurovison Contest will take place, and there are 3 jackpots that Vera John reserved for all those who have been following this talent show since 1956. Turn up the volume and add to the excitement by placing your votes. You will be able to vote for both semi-final nights and the final night. Each voting night has €10 million prize pool reserved.

V&J Monaco Millions

If, on the other hand, you are more of a fan of fast cars, then there is another €10 million reserved if your favorite crosses the finish line among the top ten on this month’s Monaco Grand Prix.

"Start your engines and get as many votes as you can before the cars cross the finish line."

Among F1 population, Monaco’s race is considered to be one of the most important tracks in the world. The track is combo of narrow course, a tunnel and a tight corners which is why this is a real thrill to follow.

Good luck! May will be the month of millions excitements. Vera John Casino is waiting with their doors wide open.

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