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Become a SlotFighter and Win €10K

Sign Up to the SlotsFighter Champions League and Win €10,000

Gather around, gamers and gamblers, for we have an exciting announcement to make! Catena Media, the world’s top-quality lead generation company, has decided to take you on a journey into a new era of gaming entertainment through an innovative media platform called SlotsFighter. Not only will you get an exclusive opportunity to play your favourite online slots, but you may even scoop €10,000. All you need to do is sign up to the amazing SlotsFighter Champions League and the prize could be yours. Ready to show your potential? Let’s go!

What is the SlotsFighter League

Have you ever dreamed of becoming the best of the best in something you love to do? If spinning the reels in online casinos sounds like your cup of tea, now is your chance to shine! SlotsFighter is the name of the game and here’s what it’s all about. 

SlotsFighter is the latest Twitch-based game show that might bring you €10,000 in cash!

The SlotsFighter League is organized as a tournament which will be showcasing some of the most skilled casino players out there. The online slots tournament brings together eight extraordinary players who will compete against each other in a round-robin system. All players will face their opponents twice and the results will take the best of them into play-off style finals

How to Become the Champion

Before you can call yourself a champion, you will first need to enter the tournament. To do so, you’ll need to sign up by:

  • submitting a 2-4-minute-long video via the official SlotsFighter Facebook page
  • or by sending the link of your video to auditi­[email protected]­slo­tsf­igh­

Don’t waste time and start making your video for you have only until March 23 to submit your video and enter the competition. 

For more information, players are advised to visit the

Eight players will compete for €10K, but each contestant will receive €1,000 on completion of the tournament!

Remember, only eight outstanding players will be granted entry into the SlotsFighter League. And if this is not enough to motivate you, then keep in mind that each SlotsFighter will get €1,000 just for participating! That’s awesome, isn’t it?

Upon receiving an invitation to join in, you’ll have to make sure that you have a stable Internet connection, that you’re fluent in English, and that you possess an HD camera or a webcam and a microphone. All the action from the players’ screens will be captured and broadcasted to the production team in Riga, Latvia. 

Points, Scores, Wins and Schedules

The online slots battle is scheduled to start on Wednesday, the 4th of April, and will consist of 56 regular season games, whereby at least two games will be streamed every night between 7-11pm CET.

As for the other rules, each match will have five rounds and the winner will be the first player to win three rounds. Rounds will last no less than 20 minutes. During the rounds players will be able to choose between slots and the winner will be the players who get the most points.

Trustworthy game suppliers such as NetEnt, Quckspin, Play’n GO and others will provide the best online slots in order to make the game selection as wide and interesting as possib­le. ­ ­

In the next phase the top four players will advance towards the play-offs in which they will compete against each other in a straight knock out system where the 1st ranked player plays the 4th and the 2nd plays the 3rd.

The play-offs come with an extra amount of adrenaline as the ‘Best of Three’ rule applies. 

The ‘Best of Three’ rule means that the winner becomes the first player to win two out of three games in the series. In other words, you can expect to see a fearsome fight for every point!

One point will be awarded to a player with the highest result in the following:

  • Big Win – the total amount of euros won
  • Number of wins
  • Bonuses triggered

To spice things up even more, at the end of each round the players will be allowed to see their bonuses become activated and players with the biggest win will get bonus points, meaning that the entire match could go into a completely different direction. 

The SlotsFighter League is created to give 6-8 weeks of astonishing gaming action each evening and the thrill doesn’t stop here! Once the season ends, the players and viewers will get a chance to partake in a qualification tournament which will give them an opportunity to enter the next edition of SlotsFighter

Don’t miss the fun and sign up to the SlotsFighter tournament now! Also, visit our forum to get more info about the tournament. Good luck.

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