Seduce Cleopatra for a Ticking Hot Pot of Gold!

Seduce Cleopatra for a Ticking Hot Pot of Gold!

In 20 days 43 lucky people ended up winning anything from couple of hundred right up to 11k, totalling over 100k just by seducing Cleopatra. Amazing right? Want to know more? Sure, we’ll give you all the details, just keep on reading.

Your way to winnings

If you would like to find a place among the winners, the first thing you need to do is head over to Paddy Power Games Casino. One lucky punter won €11,000 with Paddy their exclusive slot without doing much more than breathing! We can say that this player has really taken advantage of the Ticking Hot Pots at Paddy Power Games Casino, winning the jackpot four times. Some people really just get all the luck… or do they? 

Well, actually that’s not the case at Paddy Power Games Casino, as they have given away over 100K in 20 days to 43 lucky people and the Ticking Hot Pots games are to blame! So your way to stunning winning is through these exciting games!

What are Ticking Hot Pots games?

They are a game type where the jackpot has to be won before it hits the ceiling amount of £5k or €6.5k. It can also have multiple winners in the same day. Our current Ticking Hot Pot is dropping more than twice a day, which means only one thing – the jackpot is won regularly! The odds are in your favour more than ever before, you just have to take Cleopatra for a spin!

Which slot is a Ticking Hot Pot?

It’s Pyramid Gold slot, an exclusive game at Paddy Power Games Casino. As the name suggests, it is an Egyptian themed slot with 5-reels, 40 glittering ways to pay out, and loaded with fantastic features:

Instant Win: When the symbol lands an instant win up to 15x the total stake for that spin is paid.
Free Spins: 3x or more Free Spins Symbols anywhere on reels trigger up to 22 free spins with each win multiplied by the successive number.
Stacked Wilds: All Wilds are stacked and substitute any paying symbol except special symbols!
Guaranted Jackpot: The jackpot can be won off any spin and must be won before amount displayed in game.

Jackpot functionality has a key hook in the ticking mechanism which will begin at £500 and grow to £5,000, before dropping again. It’s guaranteed to pay out at or below £5,000 or €6,500.

But listen, don’t just read about it, go try it out! Sign up at Paddy Power Games Casino now and get the Pharaoh’s blessing to seduce Cleopatra for her unspeakable riches! Best of luck!

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