Radioactive cards are available in Vietnam

Radioactive cards are available in Vietnam

Although this isn’t connected to online gambling, we thought you will find this story quite interesting. The things people would do in order to cheat their way to winning, sometimes precede the most vivid imagination.

Radioactive cards

A new and extremely dangerous way of cheating at cards has recently become available to gambling cheaters. This new trend of cheating includes marked cards. Anyone who used them soon found out that these cards are much more dangerous than they have ever thought it was possible.

The cards are not only marked with radioactive material, but they also generate more than 30 times higher level of radioactivity than the safe dose. Due to this fact, it’s not a surprise that the users of these cards are at huge physical risk. It is reported that the gambling cheaters who practiced playing with these marked cards experienced fatigue, weakness and hair loss. As you might presume, the cards didn’t become too popular.

Arrest in Vietnam

However, the police in Vietnam have reported the arrest of, Bui Dinh Chung, the aspiring supplier of radioactive cards. At the moment of arrest, he had 4 packs of cards on him. As he explained to the police, the idea for the scam was very simple - players were supposed to hide a sensor in their clothing, which would vibrate each time a radioactive card was dealt to them.
Bui is now facing consequences much greater than simple fraud charges. Apart from cheating he is also accused of possessing and trading radioactive material, which is a very serious transgression. Therefore, he is facing serious consequences.

Reading invisible markings

In relation to cheating with radioactive cards, there is another amusing story. A 55-year-old crooked gambler from Connecticut, Bruce Koloshi was mistaken to think he is the only one who is able to read the invisible markings on the cards with special contact lenses.

He tried cheating at poker at Mohegan Sun casino and his strategy was to mark the cards with ink which he thought only he could see. However, everything went wrong. What he didn’t count on was the fact that the casino surveillance operators could also see the markings if they play the video in black and white, rather than in colour.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened. A surveillance operator at Mohegan Sun casino watched the video in black and white and called the police.
When the police questioned him, Koloshi admitted everything and even gave a reason – he was in desperate need to win enough money to make the bail in Louisiana, where he was facing charges for the same offense.