Put your way to €100,000 in Microgaming's new tournament

Put your way to €100,000 in Microgaming's new tournament

In honour of golf season, Microgaming are turning their Argyle Open slot into something even more exciting: the Argyle Open Tournament. This new-and-improved version now lets you tee off with other players! This September, Microgaming is actually hosting a tournament to celebrate the launch of this new game. For just a €10 buy-in, you’ll have your shot at €100,000 in prizesJust head over to your favorite Microgaming site and see if you can outscore your opponents.

A real golf experience

The Argyle Open Tournament

Microgaming’s The Argyle Open Tournament is a truly one-of-a-kind video slot experience. At first, it may seem like a typical video slot: it features the traditional 5 reel interface with 40 paylines running from left to right. There’s plenty of ways to win in the base game, but the real fun happens once you activate the bonus. Once triggered, you’ll get to pick your favourite golf pro and tee off with other players! The sooner you get the ball into the hole, the more free spins you’ll win: up to 20 free spins at a 5x multiplier! Then all that’s left is to trigger the bonus again to move onto the next hole. Whether you’re a seasoned golf player or just looking for something new, The Argyle Open clearly has plenty to offer.

Where to enter the tournament

The Argyle Open Tournament is unlike most tournaments since it’s being sponsored directly by Micorgaming. You should be able to enter the tournament at almost any Microgaming-powered site. If you aren’t already a member of a Microgaming casino, why not check our list to find one that’s best for you? Our reviews section features detailed ratings of each casino, each casino’s latest bonus offerings, a comprehensive history of complaints lodged against the casino, and actual reviews from real players.

Big cash prizes for champions

You’ll get way more than bragging rights if you do well in Microgaming’s Argyle Open Tournament. After you pay the small €10 entry fee, you just need to make it into the top 50 by the end of the month. If you do, you’ll be guaranteed your share of a whopping €100,000 in prizes. Make it to first place and you’ll win the biggest prize of all: €5,000 cash!

A parting message from Microgaming

We hope you enjoy everything The Argyle Open Tournament slot has to offer, and that your golf skills will put you in a winning position in this September’s tournament! As James Ford, the Product Manager for Microgaming’s multiplayer games, said, “You don’t have to be at Gleneagles to be a part of the golfing action!”