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Try the new lottery game launched by BGaming

Play BGaming's New Game of Chance With Their Jogo Do Bicho Launch

We’re not here to announce a new online slot today! Oh no, BGaming have now launched their very own version of the authentic lottery Jogo Do Bicho. It means animal lottery and is an extraordinary game of chance that you can start getting involved in.

Play the New Animal Lottery

Jogo Do Bicho in plain English means Animal Lottery which has just been launched by gaming suppliers BGaming and is already going live in a selection of online casinos! This new game now gives you a unique chance to win and is different to the usual slots and table games approach. 

Instead you’ll find 25 lovely animals and numbers and all that you have to do is to pick up the most appealing to you and place your bet.

Play a new and unique game of chance as BGaming launch their own version of the Animal Lottery.

The game will give you a sense of Rio de Janeiro set in an interactive place bursting with impressive and memorable attractions. It’s pulsating like a living organism with a deep sense of history and heritage.

Stepping Back in Time

The national game is an inherent part of the Brazilian culture and is a deeply embedded cultural phenomenon. It has a certain romantic aura about it and proved hard to eradicate. It holds a lot of history and was invented by Baron Drummond who was the administrator of Rio Zoo.

His aim at the time was to popularize the place and encourage it’s visitors to have a guess which animal was hidden in the cage behind the curtain. 

Visitors would then wait until the evening when the curtain fell and revealed the symbolic animal. Any holders of the fortunate tickets would then walk away with some cash prizes.This became extremely popular and people started buying tickets and selling them everywhere. However, at the time this kind of game of chance was prohibited in Brazil which included the Jogo Do Bicho. But it was too late, the extraordinary game had already spread!

Bringing Jogo Do Bicho Back!

Now BGaming are absolutely thrilled to be able to tap back into history and bring this cultural lottery phenomena back. You can now bet on animals, numbers, or bet on anything you want!

It’s been created with simple gameplay, funny cartoons and of course an injection of cash prizes for you to get your hands on. Just be sure to visit our list of BGaming Casinos to give it a shot. Enjoy.

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