Open Christmas Calendar Door At Energy Casino

Open Christmas Calendar Door At Energy Casino

With Christmas being just around the corner, everyone is getting ready for it. This includes online casinos as well. Everyone has their own way of celebrating the world’s happiest holiday. Energy Casino has set their Christmas Calendar for this year, and there’s going to be 34-days long giveaway. Don’t miss a single beat and try to go over there each day because you never know what you might find there. Energy Casino’s advent house is ready and waiting.

Doors are wide open

Have you ever heard a player complaining about the promotion being too long? No? Well, that’s because such a thing doesn’t exist, especially if there is a giveaway in question. That’s why these 34 days are just right. So how is this one concocted?

The Energy Casino has set up its advent house with 34 even smaller wooden doors. This means that each day, one of these doors will open reveling what is hidden behind. Whatever is hidden will be the prize for the day.

The promotion started on December 1, 2015 and it will end on January 3rd, 2016, and hopefully it will go with a bang!

Open the doors!

Knock! Knock! Who’s there? A secret daily giveaway prize. Well, by now, you could’ve put two and two together and realize that you cannot open your presents early, and each day brings something new and exciting.

Prizes in this amazing giveaway include:

  • Bonuses
  • Tourneys
  • Competitions
  • Promos on specially designed seasonal slot games
  • Various bonuses
  • Free Spins

However, these are only some of the awards, I’m sure there’s going to be much more. Check in every single day during the promotional period and see what every door has in store for you. Up to now, we had some free spins, reload bonuses, mini tournaments, competitions and triple energy points. Not bad, huh?

As I’ve just mentioned prizes are numerous but let’s see that in numbers. Every player can avail of €1600 in bonus cash and 1500 free spins. But that’s not including tournament and competition prize pool which are separate, or the awesome technology that can be won.

If you don’t have an account there, you can claim our €5 Free on Sign-Up exclusive bonus with the "5 FREE" bonus code which requires no deposit, and it will give you an amazing opportunity to test this casino.

If you’d like to get Xmas underway at this casino, then this is your opportunity. Visit Energy Casino and start knocking on doors!

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