One spin could change your life forever!

One spin could change your life forever!

Over at Paddy Power Games Casino things are heating up as one of their jackpot games reaches an all-time high and is just waiting to drop for one lucky player. This online casino is home to many jackpot games but this time its Genie Jackpots that is getting Paddy worried as it now stands at over £1 Million!

Big Money

Winning cash like this might sometimes seem impossible, like it’s never going to happen to you but as luck is so unpredictable all it could take is that one spin which could change your life forever. Imagine winning over a million pound, it would certainly fulfil many dreams and it could all become possible if you play Genie Jackpots at Paddy Power Games Casino. The money has to be won by someone, why not let it be you!

Genie Jackpots

Become an instant millionaire with a simple spin of the reels

So far this year Paddy Power Games have given away a staggering amount totalling to over £4M in cash across their jackpot games and the casino fully expect this to go past the £5M mark any day now when their Genie Jackpots slot drops! That’s a lot of money making a lot of player’s dreams come true.

Over at Paddy Power Casino they gave away over £192k just last week after player DW from Falkirk scooped their Cat in Vegas Jackpot. To have your luck at winning the jackpot you need to rub the lamp by giving it a spin and let the genie grant your wish!

Fun Stats

The Genie Jackpot was last won back in November 2014 and went for a massive £442k! The game was launched in June 2014 on Games so therefore if you were to follow the same pattern the jackpot was due to drop in May 2015 but of course it didn’t which is why is now stands at over a million.

The jackpot is now 3 months overdue and going for more than double what it went for the first time and the casino are just waiting for their next lucky jackpot winner.

Don’t miss out on your chance to win, head over to Paddy Power Games Casino today and try your luck where the finger of fate could be pointing at you!

New Players

As a new player you will still be able to try for that all-important jackpot as soon as you have signed up to Paddy Power Games Casino which only takes a matter of minutes and can all be done through your web browser. You can also visit their mobile casino.
Once there you can make a deposit and enjoy the casinos full range of games, and if you use their mobile casino too you can play wherever you are on your smartphone and tablet devices.

Over at Paddy Power Casino you will also be able to claim a 100% welcome bonus once you have signed up and made your first deposit!

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