Win up to 1500 Free Spins at Rizk Casino

Merry Rizkmas - Here's Your 1500 Free Spins

While most of us are getting ready to start chanting ‘Merry Christmas’ at our friends and neighbours, Captain Rizk is inviting you to say ‘Happy Rizkmas’. For a good reason, too! Namely, if you head over to Rizk Casino during December, you’ll be able to accumulate up to 1,500 Free Spins for your favourite online slots. Need more info? Comin’ right up!

Captain Rizk Says Merry Rizkmas

Here’s what Captain Rizk has in store for you this Rizkmas. To start off, the campaign began on Friday, the 25th of November, but fret not - it’ll last throughout most of December, too. More specifically, the promo will end on the 24th of December at 23:59. Just in time for Christmas!

Now onto the specifics of the promo. If you’ve ever played at Rizk Casino, you know that there is the amazing possibility of levelling up at the online casino.

“The first time you level up at Rizk Casino you’ll be able to snag the first 10 Free Spins for 5 days – that’s 50 Free Spins altogether!”

Now, during the Rizkmas promo, the first time you level up, you’ll be getting 10 Free Spins for the next 5 days. That means 50 Free Spins total! What’s more, every time you level up you can grab your Free Spins. What you’ll need to do though is check for which online slots you can use your 10 Free Spins per day. Just remember: you can’t claim those Free Spins that are still locked.

Keep an Eye on Rizk Casino

Right now we’re in the first 5-day run, so here’s what you should do: simply keep an eye on the Rizk Casino website to always stay in the loop regarding the current video slots for which you’ll be able to snag daily Rizkmas Free Spins. That way you’ll always know which Free Spins are available and which ones are still locked.

Join Rizk Casino Today

Ready to join Captain Rizk in his faboulous Rizkmas celebrations and generous campaign with hundreds and hundreds of Free Spins? Great! Wait, what’s that? You’re not a member yet? Well, why didn’t you say so!

All you need to do is head over to Rizk Casino, sign up for an account, make a deposit, grab their 200% up to €100 welcome bonus and proceed to play at the casino. Then as soon as you level up for the first time, you can start enjoying Rizkmas and your Free Spins. Good luck!

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