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New and Improved Casino Heroes

Meet the Upgraded Casino Heroes and Say Goodbye to Boredom Forever

Casino Heroes has proven time and again that gambling and storytelling go hand in hand like, say, online slots and jackpots. Not only is the perfect blend of adventure and excitement enough to cure you of boredom for all time, but if it also comes with winning streaks, chances are you’re going to be hooked on Hero Gaming forever. Now, listen to this: Casino Heroes is about to get loads more thrilling as it’s getting an upgrade on all counts, with a special focus on improved gaming experience. We promise you’ll want to pay Casino Heroes a visit as soon as you hear what they’ve got in store for you!

The Biggest Casino Heroes Update Since the Beginning

Casino Heroes hasn’t had this big an update since its launch back in 2014, so this time they decided to go all in! The idea was to combine sleek new graphics with user-friendliness, which ultimately resulted in improved online casino gameplay on multiple devices – especially their mobile casino, new scary Bosses for your Avatars to fight, new map views of the island and lots more.

New World, Avatars and Bosses

First of all, while playing at Casino Heroes, you pick an Avatar with whom you go on quests across the online casino’s magical land. You can be handsome or witty, elegant or brave, an Elf or a Wizard – it’s entirely up to you! 

CasinoHeroes 3.0 comes with a brand-new adventure world for you to explore called Mythical Mountains and, what’s more, you can do so with one of the 11 newly introduced Hero Avatars!

CasinoHeroes 3.0 comes with a new adventure world called Mythical Mountains, 11 new Hero Avatar and new Bosses to fight, too!

The Boss fights? Enhanced, rewarding and thrilling! For those who have never played at Casino Heroes before, here’s the gist: Boss fights are basically additional Pick & Click games where you can win extra Free Spins worth up to a total of €4 per spin. Old players will be glad to see new faces among the Bosses, too.

User Experience Taken to Another Level

Not only is there a brand-new world filled with new and exciting characters, but there’s also a fantastic new live map view. What’s more, you can easily switch between and parallelly play on three adventure worlds. 

Like we said, mobile gaming’s also upgraded – you can now fight Bosses in landscape mode – and even the casino lobby’s got an elegant makeover!

Have Fun with Your Casino Heroes 3.0 Adventure

As soon as Casino Heroes 3.0 is live, make sure you head over to the online casino and treat yourself to all the fabulous upgrades. To get a taste of the adventure anyway, head over to Casino Heroes right now and claim your Avatar – it’s only a few clicks away!

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