Meet the New Casino Heroes King, Enter Improved Boss Fights and Spend Rubies

Meet the New Casino Heroes King, Enter Improved Boss Fights and Spend Rubies

Fans of Casino Heroes, you’ll be pleased to hear there are some exciting innovations going over at your favourite online casino! First of all, there’s a new King on the Hero Islands. Also, the Boss Fights have been upgraded, so there are a bunch of new exhilarating adventures waiting for you there. Also, Rubies, the casino’s very own currency, have been improved and a new shop’s just been opened where you can spend your valuable jewels. Want to learn more about all these thrilling novelties? Just keep reading.

New and Improved Boss Fights

There’s a new King on the Hero Islands, long live the King! Casino Heroes could’ve stopped there, but instead they decided to introduce some other improvements, as well. Like enhancing the Boss Fights. What’s that mean?

Basically, you’ll be fighting Bosses first-hand. Come again? In effect, next time you come across an evil Boss you need to exchange blows with, you’ll have a chance to choose from several boxes at random, not knowing what’s inside. If you’re lucky, you might end up with a dangerous weapon which should help you quickly defeat the Boss in question. Cool, huh? Slap that bloodthirsty Boss and move on! The new King will be proud.

Choose boxes from a grid at random and, if you stumble upon dangerous weapons, you’ll be able to defeat Bosses in a jiffy!

Apart from the weapons, you might also snag new high value Mega Hero Spins or a bunch of red Rubies. Plus, if you take down the Bosses, you’ll get to keep all the treasures you stumbled upon during the fight. The treasures will, in turn, help you further down the road.

The New Ruby Store

As Rubies are officially the new currency of the Hero Islands, it’s only natural the first ever Ruby store would be opened, as well. Here’s how the process works. You collect Rubies as you fight Bosses and progress through your adventure… and then what? Why, it’s time to spend your hard-earned money! How about some Free Spins or additional weapons? Feel free to buy them with your shiny red jewels.

Join Casino Heroes Today

You’ve never given Casino Heroes a go? Why, it’s a must! Not only do you get to play your favourite games at a high-quality online casino, but you also start a big adventure filled with challenges and missions. You’ll be fighting dragons and fierce Bosses, collecting treasures and having the time of your life.

Sounds exciting? Just head over to Casino Heroes right now, sign up for an account, choose your very own Hero avatar and… let the games begin!

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