Make your quest go by twice as fast at Casino Saga

Make your quest go by twice as fast at Casino Saga

Casino Saga, the web’s only RPG casino, is giving you the chance to level up faster than ever! Every bet you make on your favorite games from NetEnt and Betsoft between now and 10th August will move you along your quest twice as fast. Use this opportunity to kill more minibosses, earn more rewards, and get even closer to retrieving the stolen crown from the evil Betser. This speed boost won’t last long, so head over to Casino Saga to get the most out of your journey today.

First time at Casino Saga?

If you’re totally new to Casino Saga, you’ll want to get started right away so that you can get a head start on your adventure during this double-speed promotion. Just use our link to go to the Casino Saga website and register your account. Then, get a heroic 250 free spins when you choose your avatar and make your first deposit!

Life at Casino Saga

At Casino Saga, every time you play is an adventure. Your character is embarking on a quest to save the Golden Crown from the archenemy of the Saga Islands, Betser. To do this, you’ll have to travel across the 40 regions by playing your favorite slots and casino games. You will face a variety of foes throughout your journey, but if you defeat them, you’ll be rewarded handsomely. Make it to Betser’s hideout in Treasure Mountain and retrieve the Golden Crown for the biggest prize of all!

Twice the speed for a limited time

Your Casino Saga journey will be even better if you play between now and 10th August. During this promotional period, your progress bar will go up twice as fast, meaning that you can travel to the regions of the Saga Islands much more quickly. This will allow you to fight more enemies and get more rewards for the same amount of bets! Start spinning those slots or betting on your favorite table games now to get the most of this limited-time offer.

Check back at Casino Saga for more

The Saga Islands is a lively place, and there’s always some new event happening in one of its regions. Check your account screen, email inbox, and other communications to stay updated on the latest happenings, including the annual Casino Olympics!

We hope you’re able to find Betser and save the Golden Crown for all the people of the Saga Islands! This double-speed promotion should help you get there even faster. Just remember to play as much as you can through 10th August to really boost your progress.

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