Lucky Player Walked into a Saloon and the Next Thing You Know a Crazy Showdown Went On

Lucky Player Walked into a Saloon and the Next Thing You Know a Crazy Showdown Went On

A lucky player Nate S. dropped by his favourite saloon last week for a quick drink. Little did Nate S. know that this would get him in a dead or alive kinda situation. He did the only thing he could think off, pulled out the big guns and started spinning to walk away alive. At the end not only did he survive but he also got a €15000 reward for catching the bad guy!

Nate’s winning story

What happened to Nate last week was really amazing. It was his quick spinning that led him to net the most wanted criminal in the West. For his substantial efforts and lucky spins, he received a great reward: amazing amount of €15k that will change his life for good.

So, next time you are having doubts about whether to walk into Redbet just think of Nate and how lucky he got. Yes, that’s right. Nate took a chance on Dead or Alive at Redbet Casino and the risk reeled him in a fabulous prize.

What’s more, the prize payout was lightning fast.  “€15k - Redbet - Processed in under 2 hours - Thanks to Marius Filip and amazing Redbet team.” he explained. ”Phenomenally quick given the amount. No hassles and no fuss! This has been the quickest payment of all the big hits where some stayed pending for 48hours plus!”

Take a risk yourself on Dead or Alive

Dead or Alive Slot

Follow Nate’s lead, and stop by the saloon for a quick drink yourself. With a little luck you will come across the most wanted outlaw. Draw your guns and spin for a winning combination that will put the bad guy away for good and nail you a well-deserved cash prize.

When you reel in 3 or more scattered Wanted Posters you will trigger 12 Free Spins that will give you more possibility for big wins. You can also hope for sticky wilds, which hold their positions on the reels during the Free Spin round. Moreover, 1 or more sticky wilds activate 5 additional Free Spins. Free Spins can be re-triggered once per Free Spin session.

Be the next big winner at Redbet Casino

Start spinning at Redbet and with a little luck you will be the next fabulous player to win a life changing prize. Not a cowboy you say? Well you don’t need to be one to win. You can get even more if you hit one of their jackpots!  Right now they have huge jackpots of several millions in the following games:

The Dark Knight Slot

Sign at Redbet Casino today and get on their winning streak!

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