Let Betsson Casino Make your Dream Come True

Let Betsson Casino Make your Dream Come True

The luckiest players at Betsson Casino will get an exclusive chance to live their dream day in the most extraordinary way possible. And all at Betsson’s expense.  Can you imagine that? Take a moment to read our story and find how to take part in this fabulous promotion. Don’t miss out on this amazing chance to make your dream come true.

Dreams Come True at Betsson Casino

Betsson Casino is making 10 dreams come true this summer. All you have to do is submit your dream, play and you could win your dream day. These three easy steps are the only thing standing between you and a marvelous chance to win.  It’s that simple believe it or not.

First Submit your Dream

Don’t waste a second more and get started on your winning journey. Pay a visit to Betsson Casino now and submit a dream. You are required to enter your email and describe your dream in under 100 characters. For your entry to qualify, be sure your Dream can be delivered for an overall cost of less than €10,000 and, that it can be done within a 24 hour period and is legal. Other than that, be as creative as you like.

Take your time and decide on your dream for you can submit only one during the Promotion Period. The dream submitted is considered final and may not be modified. You have plenty of time to decide before the promo ends on June 23rd, so don’t worry.

Play Mega Fortune Slot for your Dream to Come True

Once you've submitted your dream, simply play €10 or more on Mega Fortune Dreams slot to make your dream count. Every week for next 10 weeks, Betsson Casino will make one player’s dream come true.

Mega Fortune Dreams Slot

Take part in the weekly missions to keep your dream alive

Each Wednesday Betsson Casino will send a weekly mission. Keep an eye on your message inbox, and complete the mission to enter that week’s draw. Your first mission will be sent on the first Wednesday after you have submitted your dream and played at least €10 on Mega Fortune slot.

Be sure to take part in Betsson’s Dream Promo

So to sum up things, here is a step-by-step guide you need to follow to win your Dream at Betsson Casino:

  • Sign up for an account (if you still haven’t).
  • Log in with your username and password.
  • Opt in between now and 23.59 CET on 23rd June.
  • Fill in the online form in Step 1, including a full description of your Dream Day at the promo page.
  • Play €10 on Mega Fortune Dreams slot.
  • For every week you want to keep your dream alive, complete that week’s mission set by Betsson Casino.
  • Each week you take part in the missions, you get a chance to become one of 10 lucky winners. 

If you still haven’t joined Betsson Casino, do so today and make sure you don’t miss this stunning chance to live your dream day.

Sign Up at Betsson Casino Now!

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