Become the King of Slots at Jackpot Capital Casino

Kingdom of Slots Is Waiting for Its King at Jackpot Capital

If you ever wanted to compete for the title of the king or queen of the slots then your time has come. You will have the unique chance to try and accomplish this at Jackpot Capital Casino. Spin for the slot title and $160,000 in royal treatment. Get spoiled by the Vegas luxury you truly deserve. Your kingdom awaits!

Kingdom of slots

Prove yourself to the royal kingdom of slots and join the If you wish to join the Jackpot Capital races between August 29th and October 9th, 2016. They are looking for a new king or queen to be crowned to rule the kingdom.

The grand prize is $1,000 with $3,000 for the remaining titles. Spin away on the casino’s scoreboard for the $126,000 in weekly bonuses and seek for the royal title. However, keep an eye open for the $30,000 Friday Bonus Boosts.

If you are a Slot Pro, go over to Jackpot Capital and prove it! The king is wanted!

Climb the kingdom hierarchy because no matter which way you spin the reels you can bet you’ll go home with the title you played for!

Scoreboard and hierarchy

Who is going to make it to the top and who will become the ruler of tis kingdom? Play through hundreds of exciting and fun online slots at the online casino in order to build up the points. Both the weekly scoreboard bonus and the kingdom of slots title depend on it! Keep in mind that weekly scoreboard is summed down every Monday.

Every time you deposit $20 during the promotion you will earn 1 point for the scoreboard, and also, you can earn 1 point for every $500 in bets placed. The more points you earn, the more you move up in the rankings, and the closer you will get to the title.

Here is how the rankings in the kingdom are stacked:

  • 1 King/Queen - $1,000 in cash in total (no play through required)
  • 1 Prince/Princess - $500 in cash in total (no play through required)
  • 2 Duke and Duchess - $400 in total (x40 play through)
  • 2 Marquees/ Marchioness - $400 in total(x40 play through)
  • 2 Earl/Countess - $400 in total(x40 play through)
  • 2 Viscount/Viscountess - $400 in total(x40 play through)
  • 2 Baron/Baroness - $400 in total(x40 play through)

Friday bonus boost

Taking the title in the kingdom of slots is gonna take a lot of hard work which is why Jackpot Capital Casino wishes to reward all their eager players. Every Friday you can be on the lookout for a random bonus boost. 

Grab the royal boost you need and have been waiting for.

The bonuses are awarded to 200 players and the prizes go from $25 to $800. Here’s how you can qualify:

  • Deposit at least $100 per week
  • Play and collect only 5 points per week
  • At least 1 point must come from bets placed

At the end of promotion, station prize winners will be randomly selected based on points accumulated throughout the entire promo period. There are 6 stations you need to go over and the more points you earn the more you move up in ranks, and the higher chances are to win a station prize at the end of the promotion.

Visit Jackpot Capital Casino and compete for the royal title of the King that will get the chance to rule the Kingdom of Slots. Let the spins begin!

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