Jupiter Club Casino is a Place Where Dreams Come True

Jupiter Club Casino is a Place Where Dreams Come True

Have you ever thought about it what it would look like if your dream came true? If not, then you definitely should start, because Jupiter Club Casino is providing you a chance to turn your dreams to reality. Well, not all of your dreams but still. If you pay theme a visit before November 2nd, 2015 you may get the chance to win a trip to your dream destination. Oh, and if you win it, you don’t have to go alone, you can bring anyone you want to with. Tempted?

Hit the road

You will probably wonder what this ‘Win a Trip’ promotion includes, and here is your answer:

  • Round trip airline tickets for two
  • Three-nights bed and breakfast at a luxury hotel

So let me ask you once more where would you like to spend your dream holiday? However, I must admit that there is a catch. You can’t actually choose any place in the world, but you can choose one from the 3 gorgeous destinations that Jupiter Club Casino offer. These destinations are:

  • Cancun, Mexico
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Waikiki, Hawaii

How does this work?

Each of these destinations have corresponding offers you have to claim. Each claim you make will automatically earn you a ticket for the Dream Trip Lucky Draw.

Claim away! The more you claim the more tickets you will accumulate

There is of course a minimum deposit you need to make if you wish to make a claim any of these dream destinations is $75.

From this on, all you are left to do is accumulate as many tickets as you can because the more the merrier. More tickets improve your chances of winning a trip to your dream destination. Anybody can win this epic prize because every ticket goes automatically into the draw. So claim at least one of these offers and you’re in the clear.

Boarding pass codes

Each of these destinations come with a boarding pass and a unique code. Also, each of these will give you 25% up to $1000. Cancun, Mexico comes with the code 'CANCUN', Toronto, Canada comes with the code 'TORONTO', and Waikiki, Hawaii comes with the code 'Waikiki'.

The choice is entirely up to you, so start claiming offers and chase your dream holiday. Oh, end before I urge you to go over to Jupiter Club Casino and start depositing and accumulating tickets, I must not forget to mention that the lucky draw will take place on November 2nd, 2015.

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