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Join the $14,500 Slotoberfest at Omni Casino

Join the $14,500 Slotoberfest at Omni Casino

Slotoberfest has begun at Omni Casino, and it’s going to be quite the party! This massive $14,500 tournament is designed so that every kind of player stands a good chance of winning a big cash prize by Halloween. And, with three separate leaderboards, it doesn’t even matter what your spinning style is. The fun’s just getting started, so grab a cold beer and join Slotoberfest now at Omni Casino.

Everyone’s welcome at Slotoberfest!

If you love to play, you’re more than welcome to try your luck in Slotoberfest at Omni Casino. You don’t even have to worry about opting-in! Whether you’re new to Omni Casino or already have an account, you’ll be automatically entered to win a share of the $14,500 Slotoberfest prize pool. Just log in and start spinning!

In the spirit of making sure everyone’s included in Slotoberfest, Omni Casino has a leaderboard for every bet level: one for the $0.45 to $1.49 range, one for the $1.50 to $3.99 range, and one for the $4.00 and up range. This way, you can focus on having fun instead of worrying if your bets are too low to compete.

How to win

Every single spin you make that is $0.45 or higher will earn you 1 point. It’s not about how much cash you’ve got in your bankroll, but about how much actual spinning you do! Just play to your heart’s content, and if you rack up enough spins, you’ll end Slotober with a nice chunk of the $14,500 prize pool!

On or shortly after 1st November, Omni Casino will determine which leaderboard you qualify for based on your average bet per spin for the entire promotion (15th through 31st October). Then, you and all the other players in that same category will be ranked based on the total number of spins you made during Slotoberfest. Check out the Slotoberfest page on the Omni Casino website to see what rank you need to get to win one of 80 big cash prizes.

Don’t forget the boosters…

Already been playing at Omni Casino this October? Thanks to the Pre-Tournament Booster, you could automatically be starting with a nice point boost. If you played $5,000 – $15,000 on slots between 1st and 14th October, you’ll begin with 1000 points. If you played even more, you’ll start with 2500 points!

As an added bonus, Omni Casino is giving out a $500 prize boost to the first player who reaches the 125,000th spin mark!

…and the beer!

Omni Casino might not be able to give you beer while you play, but they can give you some cash so you can buy your own! Some of the leaderboard positions are marked with a little beer icon. If your name ends up on one of them when the leaderboard updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you’ll instantly win $50! Use it to go buy some brew or get even more spins on your favourite games.

Join the Slotoberfest fun at Omni Casino

It doesn’t matter what your bet size is: if you love slots, you’ve got to check out Slotoberfest at Omni Casino. A total of $14,500 is waiting to be won, and all it takes is a little playtime on some of the best slots in the world.

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