Join b-Bets Casino and Try their Awesome Bonus Auctions

Join b-Bets Casino and Try their Awesome Bonus Auctions

Are you ready to try your luck at a bit different online casino? Well, we’ve just added a perfect place for you, b-Bets Casino. Wake up the daredevil in you and don’t be afraid to try this new way to win. The thing is b-Bets Casino isn’t really into registration bonuses and free spins. Instead they do something better – they let you choose your welcome gift and bid in their unique bonus auctions. Keep reading and find out all you need to know about playing at b-Bets Casino, before you head over there.

First thing’s first: Register and choose your welcome bonus

It is easy and simple to register an account with b-Bets. All you have to do is visit b-Bets site and create an account for free. However, that’s where the fun starts. Upon signing up and first login, you will see a pop-up window with an option to pick your own preferred welcome bonus!

You can choose between three generous offers depending on whether you are interested in getting the standard offer, a higher bonus balance, or simply play it safe:

But wait, what the heck are BidBets?

BidBets are Auctions credits you will earn exclusively at b-Bets! You'll receive extra BidBets upon your first deposit and you earn more BidBets for every Euro you wager during your regular game plays, or you can obtain them as a special bonus. There is also a possibility to convert real money into BitBets in the Buy BitBets section.

BidBets are intended to be used in their exclusive auctions to place bids with popular auction items such as Free Spins with selected games, extra bonus money, more BidBets and so on.

Start using BidBets in Auctions

Having registered and claimed your welcome bonus, it’s time for the auctions. In the auctions page, you will find an overview of the auctions which will end soon. You can bid on the offers, for the price you think they are worth.

After placing a bid, you can follow the bidding process for your item. If you are the last one to bid, within the time frame, you are the winner of that auction. By pressing "follow this auction" on the biding page of your item, you will be able to follow the auction even during the game play.

You will receive an email in about 10 minutes after the auction has ended. The minute you receive the email, you will also find your won item back in your lobby where you are able to claim them.

Sign up at b-Bets Casino now and feel the thrills of their awesome auctions.

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