Jackpots Simply Must Drop At Paddy Power Games Casino

Jackpots Simply Must Drop At Paddy Power Games Casino

Paddy Power Games Casino has a little something, something to keep you entertained for the period to come. They have prepared a promotion for all of their players where jackpots simply must go. This means that anyone can win the jackpot and it is probably going to drop quite often because it must drop before €6500. Here are some guidelines you must follow so that you can take a shot at winning it.

Get ready!

Jackpots are about to start falling from the clear sky. Get ready for these drops because they are going to make a real difference. Before I tell you the deets, let me tell you what Must Go Jackpot in fact is.

Must Go Jackpot is a Jackpot Slot game where the jackpot must drop before it hits a certain amount. With Paddy Power, that amount is set at €6500. To put it in plain English this means that Jackpot could, and usually does drop multiple times in a day.

The Jackpot counter goes tick, tick, tick…BOOM

Paddy Power Games is offering you 3 Top Slot Games within this promotion, and they are all looking to go off any minute now. These include:

Choose which of these you like best and hit the reels because you never know when the light might struck in and when you might win the jackpot.

Get the help!

Ever since April 2015, these Jackpots have dropped 236 times, and Paddy Power has given over €800,000 to their players across the world. Just keep your eyes on the prize and watch the Jackpot Ticker explode before it reaches €6500.

Stats say that these Jackpots drop 23 times a month, on average. Also, the average drop amount is approximately €3500, and the most popular game is Egyptian Wilds.

Egyptian civilization inspired slot games are not a rarity, however, not all of them are worth your time. Fortunately, Cayetano Gaming software provider has done a great job in creating these three slots games.

This promotion or the slot games doesn’t require you to opt in, and the Jackpots run 24/7. All you have to do to be eligible for the Must Go Jackpot promo is to hit the reels on one of these three above-mentioned slots.

What you got to do, is go over to Paddy Power Games Casino and hit the reels on one of these slots because luck is tricky and it can strike at any point in time. Who knows, maybe you can win several jackpots if you give it a shot, but if you don’t at least try it, you will never know.

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