Have 24 Laughs till Christmas at Cherry Casino

Have 24 Laughs till Christmas at Cherry Casino

Cherry Casino are making the holiday season humorous with their latest big promotion, 24 Laughs till Christmas. Every day, one kooky event will happen at the Cherry Casino house, and with it will come a brand new daily bonus. Each offer is only available for 24 hours, so make sure you stop in daily to get a chuckle and a nice bonus boost. If you’re ready to lighten up your day, visit Cherry Casino and get your first holiday bonus right now!

Who can play in the 24 Laughs till Christmas promotion?

Cherry Casino are inviting all of their depositing players to take part in this lighthearted holiday promo. As long as you’ve made at least one deposit of any size at any time throughout 2014, you’re welcome to join the fun.

How can I get my first “Laugh”?

There’s a new Laugh bonus waiting under the Cherry Casino tree every single day until Christmas. Each one has its own little story to remind you of the more comical side of the holidays, like the dreaded task of untangling the Christmas lights, or getting that star on top to sit just right. When you click on the bonus redemption button, you’ll get to create your own caption to fit the daily theme, and can even share your creation with the #cherrychristmas caption on Facebook.

Once you’ve had your laugh, all that’s left to do is get your bonus and play! Just click the button that appears to go directly into the casino and redeem your bonus. This can range from free spins to match bonus cash and pretty much anything in between.

Plus, if you share your creation on Facebook, you may qualify for a second Laugh! If you do, you’ll just need to redeem the bonus code that appears on your screen after you submit your hilarious creation.

What rules apply to the Laugh bonuses?

Cherry Casino have a few simple rules to ensure fair play, but they’ve kept them short and sweet. Each bonus you receive will carry a standard wagering requirement of 40x the bonus amount alone, unless otherwise specified. Free spins are only valid on the day you receive them, so make sure you start spinning right away so you don’t miss out. All other bonuses will stay in your account for a week, so you can play at your own pace.

Can I get a new Laugh every day?

Yep! Cherry Casino will keep the funny moments coming all the way through Christmas. Just log in, put your witty creations on hilarious holiday pictures, and enjoy bonuses every single day until Santa’s sleigh makes its yearly trip around the globe. Head over to Cherry Casino today and enjoy all the comical moments that make the holiday season great.

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