Grab yourself a special offer every day at PokerStars Casino

Grab yourself a special offer every day at PokerStars Casino

PokerStars Casino have something to keep you entertained every day of the week. There’s something for the weekend and there’s something to help you get over those Monday blues. And if you want to play at the online casino today you can take advantage of their Free Bet Frenzy!

It’s the weekend and time for a new daily deal

Throughout the week, every week, PokerStars Casino give you something to claim every day. All week long you can enjoy free casino bonuses, rewards and lots more. You can start planning how you’ll be rewarded by checking the casinos ‘Special Offers’ page. Since it’s the weekend we thought we’d tell you about their Free Bet Frenzy.

You’ve got the chance to instantly boost your bankroll this weekend

You’ll be able to double your bankroll to give you even more chances of winning. All you have to do is make a new deposit every weekend using the bonus code CFRENZY. You’ll need to make sure your deposit is between $20 and $200 to trigger the bonus. Your initial deposit funds will be used to purchase your casino bonus instead of instantly being available in your account. The casino will then replace your deposit with your casino bonus.

So, if you deposit $20 you’ll really be buying a $40 casino bonus or a 100% match bonus, however you prefer to look at it. As long as you the bonus code above your bonus will be instantly credited to your account. Alternatively if you deposit $200, the casino will replace this with a $400 casino bonus. It’s a win-win situation. You can ‘Opt In’ for this offer by visiting the ‘Special Offer’s tab, you’ll need to make sure you do this every week before making your deposit.

XXL your winnings this Monday

Now, none of us like Mondays! But something that might help you get through it is a free casino bonus! PokerStars Casino are giving you yet another chance to boost your winnings with an extra $10 free. All you have to do is ‘Opt-In’ each week via their Challenge Window and if you win $50 or more in a single win the casino will top it up with a free tenner!

You can just keep on winning again and again with Casino XXL

You can win one XXL Casino Bonus every Monday, just make sure you opt in before you start playing to let the casino know you’d like to take part! If you’re lucky enough to win yourself an XXL bonus it will carry a wagering requirement of 2 StarsCoin for every $ awarded. So let’s say you win a $10 XXL bonus and wager on a standard slot game at a Starscoin contribution of $6, you’ll need to wager $120 to clear the bonus requirements and request a withdrawal.

We’ve taken you up until Monday, but don’t forget there’s something for every day of the week. Just visit PokerStars Casino for more deals.

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