Grab your thermals and fish out monster bonuses at InterCasino this month

Grab your thermals and fish out monster bonuses at InterCasino this month

Grab your thermals and sledge on over to InterCasino where you can take part in the new Ice Shanty Challenge. You’ll be able to take the daily bonus challenge to stake your claim in the 5K weekly ice pro title.

What kind of fisher are you?

For the next few weeks the online casino will be testing your fishing skills with an array of challenges. You’ll be taken on an experience of a lifetime, together with a packed sled you’ll travel to a very secluded part of the casino. The InterCasino Bonus Winter Lake.

Over the course of the promotion you’ll find yourself exposed to all kinds of extreme weather conditions. Until you become a pro fisherman with help from the casino to set up your shanty and fishing spot, to clothing, baiting and cooking.

Learn the tricks of the trade as you grow from Novice to Pro in 4 weeks

The more you grow the higher your stake will climb in the 5K draw each week. You’ll need to brave it out and take on their chilly challenge for your share of 5K in bonuses each week. To compete for more prizes you’ll need to make it into the top players who collect the most fish.

Skilled Fisher – Week Two

The challenge is already into week two taking you through until the 18th January. If you missed the first week worry not because you can still jump in now. This week is all about building your own shanty and staying protected as you bait up. The challenges really start to test you this week but as a reward the bonuses just got bigger!

Elite Fisher – Week Three

Now you’re starting to get into this fishing lark it’s time to step up a level. From the 19th – 25th January the elite will compete harder and prepare for extreme weather conditions. The top is in sight but first you’ll need to cook your catch to claiming its smashing bonuses.

Pro Fisher – Week Four

The final week of the challenge, the 26th January to 31st January is when you’ll peak and become a pro fisher. Seize the moment as you win the Ice Shanty Challenge and bag yourself the biggest multi bonuses!

There isn’t much more left to say. Head over to the casino and make your deposit to claim your daily bonus. If you already have a welcome bonus in your account you’ll need to complete this before making your next deposit. You can let us know which level you reach in the comment below or over at the forum.

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