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888starz casino's unique crypto-based reward system

Seize a Token and Make the Most of 888Starz Casino's New Crypto-Based Reward System

888Starz Casino launched of a brand new and unique reward system for its members. An innovative iGaming mining platform guarantees that the casino’s net earnings are distributed among players permanently via a token Reward Pool, a separate account where all of the platform’s earnings are accumulated.

Read on to learn more about how this unique system works and the opportunities it brings.

Become a Casino Co-Owner

Being aware of one of the biggest issues in the industry of online casinos, 888Starz Casino has come up with a unique solution to tackle the issue of player retention. Knowing that the majority of iGaming operations are faced with a short player lifespan that leads to ever-increasing advertising costs, this online casino decided to overcome this problem by offering players a chance to become platform co-owners.

Punters may think of this new Reward Model as a permanent cashback or sort of a shareholder’s interest payment paid out in cryptocurrency. Either way, the system is devised to offer players a chance at earning even when they lose and an opportunity to increase their profits further.

How Does the Reward System Work?

Each time you play a game, you receive 888 tokens. The number of tokens received varies depending on the bet size, but regardless of whether you are winning or losing, you still get to earn them. Upon placing a bet, 888 tokens are automatically released to the player’s account in a process dubbed as “mining”.

Become part of the 888 token reward system and have a portion of your losses recuperated every time you place a bet!

When bettors are losing, the accumulated Reward Pool increases and when they are winning, the Pool decreases. Each day, the accumulated Reward Pool is fully allocated among all players who are staking their 888 tokens.

Now, the mining difficulty increases at each stage, but as you progress to the next mining level, adjusted rates (the ratio between your bet and the number of tokens you get) scale up. In a nutshell, the more you bet, the more tokens you receive.

When placing bets, the 888 token is “mined” in the ratio of one token for the punter and 0.35 tokens for the team, the team being the casino itself. However, the team will receive tokens and, consequently, reward punters only if the operations on the platform are conducted successfully and continuously.

The 35% of tokens mined by the team remains locked in what is known as “a smart contract,” which means that those tokens cannot be sold until all of the 100 million tokens are mined. By setting this limitation, the casino is making sure there are no exit scams or token price manipulations. As a result, the mechanism for awarding the team is fair and ensures the sustainability of the system.

How Do I Get My Reward?

Simply by staking. This means that players can claim real-money from the Reward Pool only if they hold 888 tokens in their accounts. What’s worth pointing out is that rewards can be withdrawn at any given moment without any wagering requirements attached to them.

Withdraw rewards from the 888 token Reward Pool at any moment entirely wager-free! 

Punters’ personal reward amounts are dependent on the number of tokens held by all players. For instance, if the current Reward Pool stands at $30,000, staking 1% off the entire token pool will get him or her $300 at the end of the day. Pay attention that although the Reward Pool is displayed in US dollars, users will be paid out in USDT, which is a hybrid crypto-fiat “stablecoin” pegged to the US dollar.

888 Token Trading for More Opportunities

888Tron is more than a rewarding system that covers a portion of your losses. It is also a valuable asset, traded on a number of decentralised exchanges. They can be purchased and added to your personal account, increasing the number of your tokens.

888starz Casino is currently negotiating with some of the major cryptocurrency exchanges in an effort to list the 888 token there. Once it starts trading, the holders of the crypto will contribute to and benefit from:

  • Raising awareness about the 888token and attract investors
  • Increasing the value and liquidity of the crypto, in turn adding to investment attractiveness
  • Making 888 token a strong cryptocurrency with its own ecosystem
  • Implementing 888 token as a full-fledged gaming currency
Average return on investment for 888 token stands at above 60% in terms of the US dollar.

To illustrate the benefits of holding 888 tokens, it should be noted that in two years of operation, players at 888Starz Casino were paid out $15 million in token equivalent, with the average return on investment per token standing at over 60% in terms of the US dollar.

Become 888 Token Holder

Becoming a holder of the 888 token is easy, all it takes is to place bets and reap the rewards effortlessly.

Before you start claiming your 888 tokens, please consult the dedicated page on the casino’s website and the casino’s General Terms and Conditions as they apply to the above mentioned Reward System.

We wish you the best of luck playing and earning 888 tokens!

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