Golden Fish Tank Tournament at GalaxyPig

Golden Fish Tank Tournament at GalaxyPig

Get you swim suit ready and dip into this colorful aquarium with our favorite piggy at GalaxyPig Casino. Dive into it and get a share of tempting treasure and have the happy time with a ton of cool features. The aquarium empire is waiting for you to join this tournament.

Ready, set, jump!

If you decided to jump both feet in into this tank you will see that there is a golden fish here to follow. This tank is designed especially by Yggdrasil Gaming which is, by itself, a reason enough to go to GalaxyPig Casino and join this tournament.

Total prize pool in this tournament is €25.000 and top prize is €5.000. Here’s what you need to do if you want to get a chance to win this prize:

This tournament is well underway so you need to hit the reels before August 18, 2016, because that is when the promotion runs out. First 200 positions on the leaderboard are going to be paid. However, this is not all!

On top of these €25.000 there is going to be additional €5.000 in raffle prizes, which means that even if you do not manage to hit the first 200 places, you can still win. And the raffle prizes are reserved for the 500 players.

These little creatures hide actual gold, so jump both feet in and go look for it.

Oh, and let me not fail to mention that you can play this slot on both desktop version and mobile casino.

How does all of this works!

Any player who wins on any spin in Golden Fish Tank for real money will be qualified for a total grand prize from the €25.000 pool. The leaderboard is based on a highest coin win in any spin.

As for the raffle, the propositions are that the first 500 players on the leaderboard are eligible to take part in it. When the tournament ends, the raffle will be open in the client during the first 72h.

As already mentioned, the tournament is free to enter and all of those players who join will be provided with a unique player number. Player needs to score at least one winning spin while playing for real money to qualify. Minimum bet required is €1 or the currency equivalent.

Here’s how the prizes for the tournament are distributed:

  • 1st place
  • 2nd place
  • 3rd place
  • 4th-5th place
  • 6th-10th place
  • 11th-25th place
  • 26th-50th place
  • 51st-100th place
  • 101st-200th place

As you see prizes will make your effort worth it, so head over to GalaxyPig Casino and join the tournament!

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