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Get Ready to Embark on the Journey of a Lifetime With Casino Saga

Get Ready to Embark on the Journey of a Lifetime With Casino Saga

Have you ever felt like just packing your bags and going to live on an island in the middle of an ocean somewhere but never quite had the bottle to do it? Well now you can, in the comfort of your own home - whilst playing your favourite casino games with the launch of Casino Saga provided by Net Entertainment and Betsoft!

This is a fascinating, unique new casino that allow their players to start an adventure and embark on a journey you will never forget.

Here is how the story begins

"Once upon a time, the Saga islands mysteriously appeared. As time went by, it became a troubled land, filled with people who loved to play games, particularly casino games.

The Saga Casino Olympics became the most important event of the year for the residents of Saga Islands. The games take place only once per year in one of the 40 regions that make up Saga Islands. Everyone competes in their favorite casino games for the prestigious golden crown.

Each region has a specific game in which they are best. For example, the laid-back people of Hero's Paradise love Ticki Wonders, while the habitants of Saga City are practically unbeatable in Diamond Dogs"

Casino Saga

How does the Casino Work?

Casino Saga provide a full tutorial upon entering the site but as we are here - we thought we could help you along your way.

You can become your very own Casino Hero, you start on the map in 'Saga Ville' and move forward in the map by playing your favourite games, as an added bit excitement you get to defeat different bosses along the way. The evil boss who they have named 'Bester' has stolen the Golden Crown and it is your job to return this crown!

Upon registering with the casino you have to choose out of 10 different Avators which include 5 male characters and 5 female characters - simply choose the one that mostly relates to you. Once you make a deposit you will be able to see how many free spins you are entitled to as Casino Saga have really focused on free spins rather than handing out loads of bonus money.

As you work your way through your favourite games you will collect XP's, all players will start their journey with 30XP's.

Casino Saga have added yet another unique experience to the site. Players can choose to either play immediately or select the option 'Choose Machine' or 'Choose Table'. Every machine or table will show the latest payout percentage.

How do I challenge a Boss?

As your playing the games you will see a progress bar located above the game. Every time you spin the reels or place a bet you will see this bar filling up with more and more XP points. As the progress bar reaches the very top a challenge button will appear - here you get to challenge one of the island bosses. Once you are equipped and ready to defeat you can click this button which will immediately take you to the 'Boss Game'.

The boss game consists of three wheels that you take turn spinning against the boss. You will see a price in the middle of the wheel and you can increase this by ending up at certain positions on the wheel. The aim of the game is to make your way to the middle of the wheel by hitting your own arrow three times. This will give you the opportunity to win extra bonuses, free spins and more XP Points.

Characters and Bosses

There are 40 bosses spread all over the Saga map - one in each region. The bosses have taken the favourite games of the people in each region away, and the player must beat them in order to get the games back. Once unlocked these games will offer more winnings than in other online casinos.

Here are just a few of the bosses you may encounter along your journey

Dr-Wutten (Scienceville)

Characteristics - Excellent in Madder Scientist games. His treasure is his chemical formulas and his personality type is a Killer and Explorer. His tone of voice is a strong German accent and he has a lively way of speaking.

Mad Maya (El Dorado Region)

Characteristics - Excellent in Gonzos Quest. Her treasure is her spear and her personality type is a Killer and Socializer. Her tone of voice is loud, she seems angry all the time but in reality she really isn't.

Mirander ( Saga City)

Characteristics - Excellent in Diamond Dogs and The Glam Life. Her treasure is her cat and her personality type is an Explorer and Socializer. Her tone of voice is picky and posh!

Franky (Bank of Saga)

Characteistics - Excellent in Boom Brothers and Tycoons. His treasure is his pistol and his personality type is a Killer. His tone of voice is an Italian accent, arrogant and sometimes he uses slang.

The bar has well and truly been raised at this casino! The epic background story, mind-blowing graphics, innovative details and brand new functions really brings casino gaming to the next level. Finally we have something more than just a casino, we have - a Casino Saga.

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