Get a Share of €6,160 Worth of Prizes From Magician’s Hat

Get a Share of €6,160 Worth of Prizes From Magician’s Hat

Ladies and gentlemen gather around to see the greatest magic trick of them all: €6,160 worth of prizes to be pulled out of our magician’s hat! Only this spring, you will have the unique opportunity to see this extraordinary snow and walk away with a substantial reward. Don’t miss this unique chance to win big with just a simple wave of a magic wand!

Ready to see some magic in action?

Traditionally, a magician’s signature trick is to pull a rabbit out of a hat, but until Sunday 3rd of May the greatest magician our world has ever seen will be pulling out something even more exciting from his top hat: free spins bonus rounds, mystery cash prizes, maximum wins of €90,000 and the chance to earn an extra €6,160 worth of achievements! Amazing, right?!

Now, you want to know where to find this magician..

The extraordinary magician’s show is taking place at Cherry Casino between now and 3rd of May. To take part in it and get the chance to win awesome prizes, all you need to do is play Microgaming’s new fabulous Rabbit in the Hat slot game for real money. It’s that simple.

Rabbit in the Hat Slot

As you spin the reels, you will unlock the specified combinations earning prizes worth up to €6,160. The more achievements you unlock, the more prizes you’ll be awarded on Tuesday the 5th of May by 12:00 CET.

But what is an achievement?

An achievement is a series of specific combinations: three of a kind, four of a kind and five of a kind (without using wilds) in one payline.

For example, the first achievement in Rabbit in the Hat slot is the number 9 symbol. To unlock this achievement and win the €10 prize, you must find three separate combinations: three 9 symbols, four 9 symbols and five 9 symbols.

Some of the higher achievements also require you to unlock a payline with two of a kind symbols, totalling four combinations. Each achievement can only be awarded once, so be on the lookout. The highest paying combination is The Assistant Magician symbol, so start spinning to reel in €5,000 prize.

You can find all combinations listed in the paytable menu, so you’ll be able to keep track of your progress easily.

Sign up at Cherry Casino and don’t miss out on this fabulous show and a chance to pull an awesome reward from your hat!

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