Get 25% back on every spin you make at VideoSlots Casino

Get 25% back on every spin you make at VideoSlots Casino

At VideoSlots Casino it doesn’t matther whether or not luck is on your side because the online casino will give you 25% cashback every single week! There’s nothing complicated about this offer, the more you bet, the more you get it’s as simple as that!

The casino that keeps on giving

If you’re looking for a reward every time you play, VideoSlots is the place to play.  What’s more every bit of cashback you earn is completely wager free! You don’t even need to do anything to qualify. As soon as you deposit and start playing you’ll automatically start earning cashback on every spin.

It’s a win-win situation every time you play at VideoSlots Casino

It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose because every bet you place on the casinos hundreds of video slots will earn you 25% cashback! Yours to keep and do as you wish.

When can I earn cashback?

This isn’t a one off promotion, all players at VideoSlots Casino can earn cashback every day, every week and on every bet. Any cashback you earn will be paid into your account every Friday with a one week delay.

What this means is if you play let’s say during week 40, any cashback you earn will be paid to you on the Friday of week 41. So, if you start playing on any given Monday for example, your cashback will be earned for that entire week through till Sunday and then paid to you the following Friday. You don’t need to contact support the money will automatically appear in your casino balance.

How much cashback will I get?

This really depends on how much you play throughout the week. Cashback can only be earned on real money play. So if you accept a bonus you won’t earn cashback until either you use your bonus or you fulfil its wagering requirements.

You’ll get 25% back, so the more you bet during the day, the bigger piece of the pie you’ll get. The minimum cashback that can be paid is £0.50 and the maximum you can earn in any given day is limited to £300. And don’t forget one very important thing, all your cashback earnings are completely wager free!

Want to start earning cashback?

If you’re not a member yet but like the idea of wager-free cashback you can use our links to get started today. Make your first deposit and you’ll also get a 100% welcome bonus up to €200 plus €10 free! As soon as you’ve completed your welcome bonus you’ll automatically qualify for that 25% cashback too.

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