GEMiX makes its debut at Vera John Casino

GEMiX makes its debut at Vera John Casino

Vera John Casino are the first online casino to debut Play’n GO’s revolutionary new slot GEMiX. We’ve spent some time playing this colorful new video slot, and we can truly say it’s one of the most unique slots we’ve ever played. With its distinctive 7x7 playing grid, level-based gameplay, and multiple colorful worlds, GEMiX puts a whole new dimension on the video slot experience. Head over to Vera John Casino to try it out for yourself for fun or real money mode today!

A land of powerful gems

When you first open up GEMiX, you’ll notice that the game doesn’t look like your typical video slot. Instead, it’s comprised of a 7x7 square filled with a variety of colorful gems, giving you a staggering number of possible winning combinations. Just match up at least 5 or more identical gems in horizontal/vertical clusters to win, watch as more fall in from the top, and see if you can unleash an avalanche of riches!


The base game alone is pretty neat, but it’s just the start of everything GEMiX has to offer.

Three enchanting worlds

When you first enter GEMiX, you’ll start in the Forest World. This peaceful setting is the perfect place to relax, spin, and hopefully get some big wins! But this isn’t the only place you can play. If you can complete the pattern on the background of the game, you’ll be teleported to either the Candy World or the Magic World and win a cool World Bonus.

What’s more, these worlds offer more than just a change of scenery. Each one has its own “World Wild”, a special symbol that can turn a non-winning spin into a truly big hit. In the Forest World, up to 10 Wild Lanterns can illuminate the squares at random. The Candy World features a sticky Wild Lollipop that can spread from one edge to the next. And in the Magic World, the wizard can open his powerful Wild Spellbook and unleash up to 8 Sticky Wilds.

The Crystal Charge

To turn up your GEMiX experience, activate the Crystal Charge on the right side of the screen. You can do this by matching up 20 symbols on a single spin. Once you finally run out of matches, the Crystal Charge will unleash its power to give you one final chance at a big win. Watch a whole pile of gems explode in Nova Blast, eliminate an entire symbol with Crystal Warp, and watch symbols transform into matches with Light Beam or Chain Lightning.

But that’s not all the Crystal Charge can do. If you can Super Charge the game by getting 40 or more matching symbols on a single spin, you’ll enjoy a 3x multiplier on all your winnings for that spin!

Play GEMiX at Vera John Casino today!

Right now Vera John Casino is the only place where you can try GEMiX for yourself. Stop by there today and see if you can unleash the power of the gems. You can even play for free if you aren’t yet a Vera John Casino member! Let us know what you think about this new Play’n GO slot in the comments.

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