Everyone's a Winner with Maria Casino's new slots tournament

Everyone's a Winner with Maria Casino's new slots tournament

Maria Casino are making everyone a winner with their latest slot tournament! The luckiest player of the entire two-week tournament, which ends on 5th October, will receive a £1,000 travel card. What’s more, each week of the tournament has its own leaderboard where you can win a brand new iPad or cold, hard cash. But that’s not all: if you don’t end up on the top, you’re still guaranteed 100 free spins on Starburst! The fun is already underway, so visit Maria Casino now, start spinning, and start winning.

How to enter the “Ev­ery­one­’s a Winner” tournament

It’s easy to get started with Maria Casino’s “Ev­ery­one­’s a Winner” tournament: just start spinning the current week’s slots! There’s no opt-in form to deal with, nor is there any buy-in fee to worry about. If you aren’t already a member of Maria Casino, click our link to head over there right now and create your account so you can get started today.

Tournament structure

The “Ev­ery­one­’s a Winner” tournament is split into two week-long periods. The first began on 21st September and will end on 28th September. The second one starts immediately after, beginning on 28th September and ending on 5th October. Each week, your goal is to have the biggest win across any consecutive 20 spins on one of the eligible slots. It’s all about getting lucky!

Here’s the games you’ll want to play for the first week (ending 28th September):


And here’s the ones for the second week (ending 5th October):


Prizes for everyone who plays

Maria Casino is calling this tournament “Ev­ery­one­’s a Winner” for a reason. No matter how well you do, you’re guaranteed to come out with something to show for it.

If you have the single biggest 20-spin win streak of the entire two-week period, you’ll take home the grand prize of a £1,000 travel gift card. Top the leaderboard for a single week and you’ll be the owner of a brand new iPad. Or, make it into second, third, fourth, or fifth place in a given week for a nice cash prize.

But don’t feel too bad if you don’t reach the top: as long as you wagered at least £30 on at least 5 days during the week on any of the four eligible slots, you’ll still receive an impressive 100 free spins on Starburst! Your free spins will be credited no later than 17:00 on the Monday following each tournament week. Then just load up Starburst and see what you can win. All of your winnings will go straight to your bonus balance, and after you clear the 30x wagering requirement, whatever you’ve accumulated is yours to keep!

Don’t miss out

It’s very rare to find a tournament where you’re guaranteed to win, but it’s no surprise that a site as reliable and player-focused as Maria Casino is now home to one. Start spinning soon for your best chance at winning the huge £1,000 travel card or a brand new iPad!

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