€100,000 up for grabs for Betsson Casino's 5 Billionth Bet

€100,000 up for grabs for Betsson Casino's 5 Billionth Bet

Betsson Casino have set many records over the years, and they’re about to set another. Soon, one lucky player will make the casino’s five-billionth bet. That’s 5,000,000,000 wagers (count those zeroes!). If you’re the one who hits this incredible milestone, Betsson Casino will award you a whopping €50,000 cash! They’ll also be giving out several prizes along the way for a total prize pool of €100,000. Opportunities like this don’t come around often, so head over to Betsson Casino if you want to be a part of i-gaming history.

Hit a milestone, win big cash!

Betsson Casino have set up an entire page to countdown towards the 5 Billionth Bet. At the top you’ll find a live ticker that shows how many wagers have been made to-date. Although the biggest prize of all is reserved for the lucky 5,000,000,000, Betsson have set up other milestones along the way that also offer big payouts. Some have already been hit, and milestone 4.9 billion is coming fast, so start playing now to see if you can get the next lucky prize!

  • 4.825 billionth bet: €5,000 (won by Alex R. from Sweden on 18th August)
  • 4.85 billionth bet: €5,000 (won by Ragnar J. from Norway on 26th August)
  • 4.875 billionth bet: €5,000 (won by Torbjörn J. from Sweden on 1st September)
  • 4.9 billionth bet: €5,000
  • 4.925 billionth bet: €5,000
  • 4.95 billionth bet: €5,000
  • 4.975 billionth bet: €10,000
  • 4.99 billionth bet: €10,000
  • The 5 Billionth Bet: €50,000!

Play whatever you want, however you want

Unlike most promotions that can only be played on certain games, everyone is eligible to win in the 5 Billionth Bet Race. It doesn’t matter if you’re a slot lover, a table games fanatic, video poker fan, or any other type of casino player. Even live games and bingo count! Additionally, you don’t have to meet any minimum bet requirements: play at whatever level you’re comfortable with.

If you’re looking for something new to try, you won’t want to miss the Betsson Classics series. These innovative video slots are exclusively for Betsson and feature unique themes and multiple bonus features. Each one is also linked to the Classics Progressives, a series of jackpots that can be won on any spin. The Dream Chance jackpot is currently at €177,000 and climbing! See if you can win it on games like Jazz of New Orleans, Hunt for Gold, Piggy Bank, Mr. Toad, and Gem Drop.

Time is ticking!

There’s still a few milestones left until the big 5,000,000,000, but it won’t take long until someone makes Betsson Casino history. Just head over to Betsson Casino today and play your favorite games. Keep an eye on the counter, time your bets right, and you might just end up €50,000 richer!

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