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Win extra rewards with the new achievements at WinningRoom Casino

Earn Yourself In-Game Rewards on Quickspin Slots at WinningRoom

If you are a member at WinningRoom Casino we have some fantastic news! The online casino have just launched a brand-new and exciting Achievements loyalty tool which will now activated for all their Quickspin games. You’ll be able to play their online slots and win extra rewards!

As if play your favourite Quickspin slots wasn’t enough, there’s even more fun to be had. At WinningRoom Casino you’ll now  have the chance to earn yourself some cool rewards every time you hit the reels. 

There’s nothing not to like. When you open any Quickspin game you’ll now see an achievements tab which you can use to track your progress.

Play the selection of Quickspin online slots at WinningRoom to earn yourself extra rewards.

You’ll also be able to use this tab to access and use any rewards that you’ve been able to win. Your rewards are credited as Quickspin tokens which you can then use to trigger the main feature of the game! That means no more waiting for your luck to roll in

You’ll usually be able to trigger something like the games free spins round. When you collect these new achievements you basically getting the chance to build up the rewards on your most loved games. 

You get to choose how many of the tokens collected you want to use which then dictates the bet size for the feature. Whatever you win from the feature will be paid straight into your balance and if the game your playing doesn’t have a trigger to feature you can just use your tokens on another game.

How to Get Achievements

Earning these achievements is automatic so you don’t need to worry about doing anything extra and all the action takes place in-game. 

Each achievement is tied to an event happening in the game and these events need to occur a certain amount of times before the achievement is completed. 

You’ll also come across four different levels of achievements as follows:

  • Diamond
  • Gold
  • Silver 
  • Bronze

Each new level you reach will unlock a brand-new reward. Each game will also have it’s own set of specific achievements so you can view this information in the tap on the top left of each Quickspin game. 

The values displayed in your progress are dependent on your bet size. It will require less spins to clear achievements at higher bets than at lower bets, so if you’re high rolling you’ll reach the achievements quicker. But don’t worry if you’re a low roller you can still get there too. Good luck.

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