Deposit for a Lottery Slip at Futuriti Casino!

Deposit for a Lottery Slip at Futuriti Casino!

Futuriti Casino have an excellent promotion on at the moment for both new and existing players.

Futuriti holds its very own lottery every single day where players can win €1000. All you need to do to grab your lottery ticket is deposit at least €50 and then simply play your favourite games - it couldn't be easier! And if you deposit 5 days in a row you will get rewarded even more lottery slips.

  1. Deposit at least €50
  2. Get a Lottery Slip
  3. Play you favourite games
  4. Win €1000

When you make your deposit make sure to click 'Get your lottery slip' button on the lottery promotion page.

You can easily track your lottery slips through your account where you can view the number of lottery slips you have, the amount of time you have left on a given day in order to earn a lottery slip as well as information on previous lottery winners!

The good news is Futuriti Casino are not limiting the amount of lottery slips a participant can get, so the more you deposit and play the more lottery slips you will get.

Lottery winners are automatically selected at random by the system as soon as the lottery day is completed. Winners will be notified by email as well as by telephone - so players are advised to ensure the phone number on their profile is up to date upon entering the promotion.

If you are one of the lucky winners you will win the prize amount of €1000 which will be credited as cash funds to your 'Primary' section balance. Funds will be instantly available for withdrawal via any active method.

Here is an example of how you can earn your lottery slips:

Day 1 - Deposit €50 - Get 1 Lottery Slip

Day 1 - Deposit €105 - Get 2 Lottery Slips

Day 2 - Deposit €50 - Get 2 Lottery Slips

Day 2 - Deposit €100 - Get 4 Lottery Slips

Day 3 - Deposit €50 - Get 3 Lottery Slips

Day 4 - Deposit €50 - Get 4 Lottery Slips

Day 6 - Deposit €50 - Get 1 Lottery Slip

If you haven't already signed up to Futuriti Casino you can do so today - right here.
This really is an opportunity to top up your balance and make some money!

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