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Crack the Code and win bonus cash at is testing your spy skills in its newest promotion, Crack the Code. Once you opt-in, will assign you a point target that you’ll need to hit in order to collect a hefty bonus award. If you perform exceptionally well, you’ll be assigned more missions for your chance at even more bonus cash. The fun starts 8th September, so get the full details of the Crack the Code promotion below to prepare yourself for the challenges ahead.

Step 1: Get your classified target info

When you’re ready to begin your Crack the Code mission, you’ll need to get your target info from Thankfully you don’t need to arrange for any secret back-alley meetings. Just head over to the website and enter your username and email address on the “Crack the Code” page. Your point target will then be sent to you directly.

Step 2: Make a deposit

You don’t need to be a big spender to get rewarded from Crack the Code, but you do need to make at least one deposit during the promo. If you’re Bronze, Silver, or Gold-level, just one deposit of $50 or more will do. If you’re a VIP, the requirement bumps up to $100 to compensate for the much larger bonus rewards.

Step 3: Play!

You won’t need any high-tech skills or cat-like stealth to win your Crack the Code bonus: all you have to do is play. As long as you play on at least 5 days of the promotion, you’ll be eligible for a bonus prize once you hit your point target. You can reach yours by playing any game in the library. Some games will get you to the target faster than others, but with over a month of play time at your fingertips, don’t feel too rushed. Here’s the current point rates:

  • Slots and scratch cards: 1 point per $15 wagered
  • Arcade and Asian games: 1 point per $30 wagered
  • Poker and other card games: 1 point per $40 wagered
  • Roulette: 1 point per $50 wagered
  • Most Blackjack games: 1 point per $60 wagered
  • Baccarat: 1 point per $75 wagered
  • Video poker: 1 point per $150 wagered
  • Craps, Sic Bo, Pontoon, Blackjack Switch, and Blackjack Surrender: 1 point per $200 wagered

Step 4: Open the safe and get your bonus

Once you reach your point target, you’ll be able to unlock your private safe and see what bonus rewards are inside. This bonus will be added to your account within 72 hours of the end of the promotion (5th October), but likely sooner.

Up for even more spy fun? If you clear your point target before the 5th October deadline, you can opt-in for yet another mission! There’s practically no limit to the amount of bonus rewards you can get through the Crack the Code promo at Just remember to opt-in on 8th September to start your first mission!

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