Complete Missions and Experience the Magic of Las Vegas Hands-on

Complete Missions and Experience the Magic of Las Vegas Hands-on

Winning sure is the most fun; especially in the gambling capital of the world—Las Vegas. And how are you going to get there? By taking part in this year’s Casumo Casino’s Vegas Challenge. Not only do you now have the chance to experience the magic of the liveliest city in the Mojave desert, but you may also get to spend a total of €5,000 however you like! Intrigued? Just keep reading and you’ll find out how exactly to participate in the current Casumo Casino challenge.

What Are the Casumo Casino Challenges Anyway?

Every year, Casumo Casino prepare a new challenge for their faithful players. So far they’ve sent you across the globe—from Japan to the Caribbean—and this year the destination is the heart of Nevada.

Complete the missions with as few spins as possible!

In every challenge Casumo Casino organize missions for you and all you need to do is complete them using the least spins. You get Free Spins while playing and the most hardcore players get wager-free cash prizes.

The Vegas Challenge Explained

In your race towards the city that never sleeps (not New York, the other one), you’ll choose between the Easy, Medium and Hardcore challenge. Each of them has their own fixed wagering level: Easy is €0,50 a spin, Medium € 1,00 per spin and Hardcore is €3,00 a spin.

Once you choose your preferred level, you can’t change it, but you can finish the challenge as many times as you want—Casumo only counts the best one. Just choose the right games from the casino’s selection and you’re on your way!

This Year’s Prizes

Completing certain missions awards you Free Spins and Super Spins valuables worth up to €3.00 a spin. Top 30 players of each challenge will win wager-free cash prizes according to their level, namely:

  • The players who chose Easy can win €800
  • The Medium players will win €1,500
  • And the Hardcore players will win a trip to Las Vegas for two plus €5,000

Just remember: the prizes won’t wait for you forever—the challenge lasts from the 15th of February to the 14th of March, 2016.

Get a Casumo Casino Account and Good Luck

Head over to one of the most entertaining online casinos at the moment, Casumo Casino, register, opt in and say hello to Las Vegas for us, will you?

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