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Win a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and More at Play Fortuna Casino

Collect Tickets and Win a Samsung Galaxy S8+ at PlayFortuna

PlayFortuna Casino, one of our Certified Casinos are hosting their very own lottery and there are some seriously cool prizes up for grabs. For starters, the online casino has a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S8+ to give away and plenty more where that came from too. All you have to do to win is play at PlayFortuna Casino and collect as many lottery tickets as you can until the 12th May.

Play to Win

PlayFortuna’s lottery is an exciting way to play your favourite online slots and casino games and get rewarded at the same time. Throughout the upcoming weeks you can play for 1 of 50 prizes ranging from top of the range mobile devices and cash amounts. 

“Collect as many tickets as you can to increase your chances of winning.”

As long as you collect at least 1 lottery ticket you’re in with a chance of winning but naturally the more you collect the better. And getting your hands on these couldn’t be easier. 

You’ll collect 1 ticket (spinning wheel) for every $20 deposit you make. So deposit $80 and that’s 4 tickets, $100 is 5 tickets and so on. 

Plenty of Ways to Play

The lottery works in three different ways and will help determine your position on the playing field, here’s how they work:

  • Points Cell – Each time you reach a new cell you’ll be given a choice. You can pick up points and return to the beginning of the game or continue spinning the game wheel and move on. 
  • Failure Cell – Reach this and you’ll return to the playing field and all points will be lost. However if you’ve already collected points that have already been placed on the scoreboard, these will remain safe. If you reach the failure cell you will not receive points but your position on the playing field stays the same
  • High Gravity Cell – You will not receive points but your position on the playing field will stay the same

You’ll move on in the game map for 1 – 5 cells which is a result of a lottery ticket ruffle. 

A Chance to Win More Points

Place on the scoreboard and this ranks players from the least number of points to the most number of points. If you’re lucky enough to reach the 50th cell you are guaranteed to play in the super game. Lucky for you this is a special stage. Get here and you are guaranteed to win 1 of 5 prizes ranging from 200 – 2000 points. 

Win a Lottery Prize

Your play time will be rewarded and if you’re announced a lucky winner you’ll walk away with one of the following:

  • 1st Place: Samsung Galaxy S8+ (Midnight Black)
  • 2nd: Samsung Galaxy S8 (Midnight Black)
  • 3rd: Samsung Galaxy S7 (Black Onix)
  • 4th: $600
  • 5th: $400
  • 6th: $300
  • 7-9th: $250
  • 10-13th: $200
  • 14-18th: $150
  • 19-23rd: $100
  • 24-27th: $75
  • 28-31st: $50
  • 32-39th: $25
  • 40-50th: $20

Don’t forget you’ve got until the 12th May, so head for PlayFortuna Casino now and play. 

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