Choose Your Own Welcome Bonus at PKR

Choose Your Own Welcome Bonus at PKR

PKR, one of the most immersive poker sites on the web, has a new sign-up bonus scheme that ensures that you get rewards that fit your own personal playing style. When you make your first deposit into PKR’s immersive 3D poker room, you can choose from either the Starter, Intermediate, or Advanced bonus. We’ve got all the information below to help you decide which is best for you.

Starter: Instant $5 Bonus (welcome5)

If you prefer playing low stakes, we recommend choosing the Starter bonus. Make your first deposit of just $10 or more at PKR Casino with promo code welcome5 to qualify. Then play any of PKR’s real money games or ring tournaments, earn just 1 PKR Point, and you’ll receive $5 instantly!

Intermediate: 100% Post-Wager Match up to $150 (welcome150)

If you want bigger bonus rewards without having to make a large deposit, the Intermediate bonus is for you. Redeem it by entering promo code welcome150 when you make your first deposit of $25 or more. Then, simply play any real money games or ring tournaments to start earning PKR Points. Your bonus will be credited to your account as cash in chunks of 5% at a time.

The Intermediate bonus pays out 5% of your bonus value at a time at a rate of $1 per 300 PKR points earned. This means that if you claim the maximum bonus of $150, you will receive $7.50 for every 2,250 PKR Points you earn. This doesn’t take long, as you can see in the “How PKR Points Work” section below.

Advanced: 125% Post-Wager Match up to $500 (welcome500)

PKR has saved its biggest welcome bonus for the most dedicated poker players. If you deposit $150 or more after signing up, you can use promo code welcome500 to qualify for a 125% match bonus worth up to $500. This bonus will be given to you in even 10% chunks as you play any of PKR’s ring tournaments or real money games.

The Advanced bonus pays out 10% of your bonus value at a time at a rate of $1 per every 400 PKR points earned. If you deposit $400 and qualify for the maximum bonus of $500, this means you’ll get $50 for every 20,000 PKR Points you accumulate. You can see for yourself how this doesn’t take long in the “How PKR Points Work” section below.

How PKR Points Work

All 3 bonuses pay out based on the number of PKR Points you earn. Thankfully, getting points is pretty simple. For tournaments, you get 100 PKR Points for every $1 you spend on buy-ins: a $10 buy-in will give you 1,000 PKR Points. In real money games, the number of PKR Points is based on the rake – the larger the pot, the more points everyone wins.

Choose Your Bonus at PKR Today

If you’re ready to take your poker game to the next level, give PKR a try with any of these 3 great sign-up bonuses. Create your character, immerse yourself in the unique 3D world, and interact with the other players while you rack up the bonus cash and hopefully score some wins along the way.

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