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Evoplay Entertainment released 2 new online slots that have been added to their portfolio.

Choose Your New Release Tournament Winner: Fluffy Rangers Slot or Penalty Shoot-out

No, sorry to disappoint you but this is not that kind of tournament. Evoplay Entertainment has released two new online slot games that are equally interesting and engaging but with completely different gameplays and themes. It's up to you to try both of these games on for a size, and determine which one you like better. Keep on reading to find out specifics of both Penalty Shoot-out and Fluffy Rangers slot.

Score all Five in a Row

Penalty Shoot-Out is one very different game. It's nothing too innovative, but it's not expected either. When you say online slot, the first thing that crosses your mind are reels and paylines, however, this Evoplay Entertainment gem has nothing of the sorts.

When you think gameplay of the Penalty Shout-Out, the easiest way to explain it is to compare it one huge gambling feature. Basically, each time you choose to hit Play, you will get to choose 1 out of 5 goal points where you want to shoot the ball. 

Outsmart the Goalkeeper and walk away as a winner.

Each goal comes with its own set of awards, and after each score you can choose to collect the winnings and start a new cycle. Each cycle has 5 penalties, and with each consecutive goal the prizes get bigger. Score 5 penalties in a row and win x30.72 your bet. Keep in mind that if you choose to make a chain shot, the moment you miss, you will lose everything and go back to the beginning. 

Evoplay Entertainment thought of everything, and they are even giving you the possibility of choosing the country that you want to shoot for. You will have 24 countries to choose from, and you can change them whenever you feel like it. Choose your team wisely and start shooting!

Brush up on Your Archery Skills

The second in line is the Fluffy Rangers slot whose release date is yet to be decided, but it's coming soon. Unlike the Penalty Shoot-Out, this slot is something less unconventional and has some reels and lines to offer along with dynamic and action-packed gameplay.

This fantasy themed slot with cartoony and colourful design is taking you to Rabbitland where you will get to take your chances in an archery contest and join 5 chivalrous and fluffy creatures as they compete in an attempt to be the next one who will take the Knight of Rabbitland title.

Sheep Katara, Rachoon Shu Shu, Monkey Lin, Coyote Drago and Lynx Shadi are the ones who will be fighting for the coveted title, and with their help your bankroll can benefit from 4 different features including Free Spins round and Expanding Wild symbols.

All that is left is for you to make your choice and choose which slot is more your thing before making bets and hitting play. However, we’re convinced that both of these games are worth of your time and will give you a decent number of fun, playing time, and appropriate awards.

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