Check Out The Bonus Bar at Paddy Power

Check Out The Bonus Bar at Paddy Power

Paddy Power Games Casino is presenting you something new. They've introduced a bar that has no alcohol, but it can still get you drunk. The Bar to beat all Bars, except maybe for those where you can buy alcohol. You will get drunk at this bar, but drunk on a freebet every time you fill it. All that is expected of you is to play your favorite casino games at this casino.

How it works?

Each time you make a bet or spin the reels it will count towards filling the Bonus Bar. Once full you will automatically receive a randomly generated freebet of up to €25000. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Play any game with the Bonus Bar icon
  • The more you stake the more the Bar fills up
  • Fill the bar – get a free bet

Bonus amounts vary between €5 and €25000 on the Bumper Bonus Bar. Once you receive this bonus you can use it to play at Paddy Power Games Casino. The real beauty of the Bonus Bar is the fact that you can let it fill up while you and you can avail of Paddy's other fantastic promo offers at the same time. Bonus Bar games include Cleopatra slot, Ancient Riches Cash Drop slot, Chain Reactors slot, Virtual Dogs slot, Vegas Nights slot.

Cleopatra Slot

Take a look on prizes

This Bar has two levels. One is the Bonus Bar, and the other is Bumper Bonus Bar. Everyone who plays at Paddy Power Games are automatically eligible for the Bonus Bar, but you need to qualify for the Bumper Bar. If you manage to qualify, the casino team will notify you.

Hit the Bars as many times as you want, and collect your prizes

The Bonus Bar prizes awards random free bets, and the Bumper Bonus Bar awards freebets between €25 and €25000. Keep in mind that there is no limit as to how many times you can fill up the bonus bar, and get the prize.

Total prize pool for the Bonus Bar is €200000 which is distributed over 26116 tickets, whereas the prize pool for the Bumper Bonus Bar is €245000 distributed across 3261 tickets.

All Bonus Bar prizes must be wagered within 90 days of receipt of prize otherwise it will be considered as a forfeit. Also, all free bets must be wagered once before you can ask for withdrawal.

Visit Paddy Power Games Casino now, and hit the Bar!

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