Celebrate Betsafe's 10-Year Anniversary and Win Free Spins and More

Celebrate Betsafe's 10-Year Anniversary and Win Free Spins and More

Betsafe Casino have vigorously been celebrating their 10-year anniversary and providing you with various chances to win outstanding prizes—ranging from dozens upon dozens of Free Spins to diverse incredible trips. The question is: are you up for an exciting Easter Riddler challenge? Do you like the sound of Big Spins and Super Spins? And how about the chance of a lifetime to see an exciting match live? Then you’re in for a very special treat. Here’s what celebration looks like over at Betsafe Casino. 

Snag Free Spins with Betsafe’s Easter Riddler

Fans of treasure hunt will especially dig this one. Namely, all you have to do is solve the riddles at hand and you can receive over 100 Free Spins, 50 Big Spins and 30 Super Spins at the online casino. If our math is correct, that’s a lot of spins! Here’s how to get them:

  • Opt in at Betsafe Casino
  • Bet a minimum of £50 on the new Cloud Quest slot
  • Get the 1st riddle and solve it
  • Open the Mystery Game and get your 30 Free Spins
  • Progress up the levels by solving more riddles and mystery games
  • Keep on repeating the steps and accumulate your Free Spins, Big Spins and Super Spins!

Just remember the Riddler challenge is valid between the 21st of March to the 27th of March, 2016.

The Road to Euros

In addition, if you manage to solve all the riddles, you’re also going to find your name in the Live Experience lottery bowl which might land you Match Invites on the road to the Euros to watch the England - Russia game. All it takes is a bit of luck!

Slots Battles

The upcoming Betsafe Casino Slots Battles event will take place between the 28th of March and the 3rd of April, 2016. Here’s how the Slots Battles work.

You wager a minimum of £50 on the specified game or games on the particular date to be eligible for Free Spins/Big Spins. If your chosen slot wins, you get the Spins (hey, that rhymed!). To be eligible for Big Spins on another selected day, you’ll need to wager a minimum of £300. Make sure you carefully check the site once this particular promo begins, so that you’ll know exactly which games are eligible and how much you need to wager.

The winning slot is the one with the highest payout of the day!

The winning slot will be one of the selected games which has the highest payout on that particular day during the promo period. Plus, all of you who wagered a minimum of £50 on the specified games during the promo period will be in the raffle where one of you will win £2,500 in cash!

10-Year Celebration Continues

And that’s not all! Make sure you regularly stop by at Betsafe Casino ‘cause the party is far from over. Keep checking which offers are currently available for snatching and join in on the 10-year anniversary celebrations!

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