Celebrate a €1M Prize Milestone with Captain Rizk and Win a Massive Jackpot

Celebrate a €1M Prize Milestone with Captain Rizk and Win a Massive Jackpot

Hey, Rizk takers, we’ve got all kinds of exciting news for you! First of all, Rizk Casino just reached an incredible Wheel of Rizk milestone when the Wheel cashed out €1 million in rewards. So, naturally, Captain Rizk wants to keep the ball rolling. That means you’re invited to join in on the celebration and take your shot at the casino’s brand new and, more importantly, gigantic progressive jackpot. Not sure how the deal works? Don’t worry—­we’re here to tell you everything!

How the Rizk Progressive Jackpot Works

Captain Rizk has devised a progressive jackpot pool. How does it work? Every time you or any other player level up, he’ll be putting €1 into the progressive jackpot. Plus, he’ll be giving out 10 Free Spins to players for all the Rizk Casino standard games at the same time. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Every time you level up during the promo period, the casino will put €1 into the progressive jackpot, while awarding 10 Free Spins.

Remember that the deal started on Wednesday, the 6th of July and that it will last until Saturday, the 9th of July, 2016 at 12:00 CEST, so there’s no time to lose!

Win Casino Rizk’s Draw

Ah, but there’s more! After every level-up, the player’s name will be entered into a special draw. Then, at the end of the week, one lucky name will be taken out of the pile and that player­—ho­pefully you—will be the winner of the progressive jackpot.

The player whose name gets drawn will be the winner of the progressive jackpot.

Furthermore, if you’d like to keep track of the progressive jackpot in real time, you can do so on the centre screen of Captain Rizk’s cave right there in the lobby of Rizk Casino.

More Deals at Rizk Casino

As Rizk Casino have already given out €1 million in rewards, Captain Rizk is confident the Wheel of Rizk has only just begun showering Rizk takers with prizes. Want your shot at the Wheel? Head over to Rizk Casino right now, create your very own account and test your lucky stars! You’ll never win, unless you take Rizks, right?

Plus, if you join the online casino now, you can enter the Rizk Race, which is running from Monday to Friday. There is €3000 worth of prizes to be won altogether, while the 1st place will bring you €200. Just sign up at Rizk Casino and… good luck!

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