Casumo Challenges You One Last Time This Year. Will You Accept It?

Casumo Challenges You One Last Time This Year. Will You Accept It?

Casumo Casino is notorious for their challenges which are always fun. Now, they’re challenging you for the 10th time this year, and it will be the last. The best players will win cash prizes which go up to €10,000. However, there is going to be some shiny valuables scattered along the challenge path, which anyone can collect. Do you have what it takes to become the casino champion?

Get started

This Casino challenge started just recently, on October 21st and it will last until November 11th, which means you still have plenty of time to hit the road. If you have a casino account you can opt-in for free. The challenge has 3 levels and all players who finish in the top 30 will win some nice cash awards. Of course, the higher you rank, the bigger your prize will be.

Line up! The last sprint has started

All you have to do to join the race is the following:

  • Open an account or log in to your existing account
  • Choose between 3 existing levels
  • Complete the missions with as few spins as possible

Three existing levels include easy, medium and hardcore. What you need to remember is when you choose one, there is no going back, so choose your level, your slot games, and your strategies wisely.

It’s all about the challenge

Each of the 3 levels have its own fixed bet level for the missions:

  • Easy €0,50 a spin
  • Medium €1,00 a spin
  • Hardcore €3,00 a spin

You can finish the challenge as many times as you want. Completing certain missions unlocks free spin and super spin valuables which are lined along the way. How long will it take you to finish a challenge will depend on both your strategy and luck. There are 5 types of missions:

  • Spin X times
  • Win X times
  • Win X times in a row
  • Get X big wins
  • Get X mega wins

The leaderboard can be seen on the official casino’s page and it shows the current list of players who have completed the challenge with the least spins. You can re-play a challenge as many times you wish without risking your score, because Casumo will count only your best score.


In this challenge the less means the merrier


Casumo Casino has a vast offer of slots so you will definitely be having a tough time deciding which slot is the right for which mission, but hey, that is why this is called the challenge. However Casumo will provide you with some recommendations for each mission if you ever find yourself in a situation where it is tough to decide.

What? You’re still here? The race has already started why aren’t you in it? Move it! Go to Casumo Casino, opt-in and go get your cash prizes!

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