Casumo Casino can to make your dreams come true - are you ready?

Casumo Casino can to make your dreams come true - are you ready?

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live out your out dream holiday? Casumo Casino are about to turn your dreams into reality with their latest promotion. The online casino are holding their latest Dream Challenge where one winner will win a trip of a lifetime. Make your dreams come true as the winner gets to pick the destination!

In dreamland anything is possible

Just have a think now about where you’ve always wanted to go. Maybe the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Japan, the list of destinations could be endless. If you can outplay others at Casumo Casino you could be heading to your dream destination quicker than you think. The casino has organised 8 challenges so far, all with their unique themes.

From the 23rd September to the 9th October head over to the casino where you’ll  travel to imaginary worlds. In imaginary land anything is possible and whoever wins the dream challenge will see their dreams come true.

Don’t let your dreams just be dreams – make them come alive

The total value of the trip will be a staggering €10,000! So, if your dreams are to travel to the moon and back maybe you’ll need to tweak that slightly to be in budget. However at Casumo Casino you can space travel as much as you want.

How to win your dreams

You’ll need to complete certain missions throughout the promotional period. These will give you free spins and super spins valuables worth up to €3.00 a spin. The top 30 players of each challenge will also win wager free cash prizes according to their final position. The higher you rank the higher the prize.

It’s not every day someone offers to make your dreams come true, don’t miss your chance to win

Challenges will be based both on luck as well as strategy and the idea is to complete the missions with as few spins as possible. The casino is home to hundreds of NetEnt Games and titles from Thunderkick, GreenTube, WMS and more. It will help for you to choose the right game for each mission. Missions will vary from getting big wins to winning a certain amount of times in a row. The best advice to play different games throughout the challenge.

If you get stuck don’t worry because the casino will suggest a few games for each mission, but of course it’s entirely up to you which game you play.

How to get started

There will be 3 different challenge levels and each one will have its own fixed bet level. Therefore you can pick the level that best suits your budget.

  • Easy will have a minimum €0.50 a spin
  • Medium is set to €1.00 a spin
  • Hardcore will be set a minimum €3.00 a spin

Once you’ve chosen your level you cannot change it, however you can finish the challenge as many times as you want. There will be 5 different types of missions which you’ll be able to see from your casino account. You’ll be able to see which missions have been completed on the challenge leaderboard. Don’t forget your main focus will be to complete each mission in the fewest number of spins. So to clarify here are the steps you need to get started:

  1. Sign up to Casumo Casino. Existing players log into your account
  2. Choose between Easy, Medium or Hardcore challenge
  3. Complete the missions with as few spins as possible
  4. Dive into your dream world

So, you have everything you need now to get started and with a bit of luck your dreams will come true!

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