Bloodthirsty Dracula Attacks Famous Gentleman

Bloodthirsty Dracula Attacks Famous Gentleman

Attention all! The world of online casinos has been under horrifying attacks ever since last week, when the notorious NetEnt let loose the bloodthirsty Dracula! After all that time of being locked up in his tomb, Dracula is on the run, more powerful than ever. The most dangerous vampire that has ever stepped foot in our world is now taking over casino by casino. His latest victim was nonetheless Mr Green!

Dracula’s Attack on Mr Green

Dracula Slot

When no one was looking, Dracula crawled into Mr Green Casino and took over the place. Now he is lurking around looking for some fresh blood, so be careful or he might take you for all you got. However, Mr Green is not in the mood to let the Count get away with it. But he can’t stop him on his own, he needs your help.

Don’t waste time, gather up some courage and join Mr Green in his Dracula hunt. Take up the challenge and start spinning to capture the monster. Remember that Mr Green honors loyalty and courage, especially in desperate times like this. Therefore, defeat this ferocious bloodsucking monster and you will be rewarded with a share of £2,000 in cash prizes. Not only will you be the hero, but you will walk away with fabulous prize, too.

How to help Mr Green, actual­ly?­ ­ ­ 

If you are brave enough to stand up to the Prince of Darkness and help Mr Green save the world of online gambling, then read carefully because this is what you need to do:

To defeat the count, we need to spin as much as we can. All of us! Every round is a battle, and with each win the chances are we will defeat the monster. The highest percentage win over 20 consecutive rounds/spins will vanquish the bloodthirsty creature forever.

Step up and help Mr Green. Just hurry for we don’t have much time. If Dracula isn’t defeated until tomorrow, 26th of April we are all doomed. The top 5 bravest heroes that achieve the highest percentage wins over 20 rounds in a row by 26th of April, will be rewarded abundantly with amazing cash prizes:

  • 1st Place Winner will receive £1000
  • 2nd Place Winner will receive £500
  • 3rd Place Winner will receive £250
  • 4th Place Winner will receive £150
  • 5th Place Winner will receive £100

Now is the time to be courageous and get over to Mr Green Casino to face Dracula on the reels! The future of our world in your hands!

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