BetChain Online introduce Provably Fair Feature

BetChain Online introduce Provably Fair Feature

Betchain Casino is still a relatively new online casino which is striving to offer their players an entertaining and secure gaming experience. What makes this casino stand out, among other things, is the fact that they operate in Bitcoin and in that way making possible for US players to place payments legally. Due to this fact, US players are more than welcome at this online casino.

Betchain Casino are also making sure that they keep up with the latest technology trends. Therefore, they have recently announced that they have added the Provably Fair feature which will assure that all plays at Betchain Casino are trustworthy and fair.

What is Provably Fair actually?

Provably fair is a feature where players can audit the results of any bet and confirm that the random number generator performed flawlessly and with no interference. It is unique to Bitcoin gambling and it makes it impossible for either a casino or player to cheat.

According to Brian Mason the addition of provably fair means that Betchain now have one of the most competitive bitcoin casino offerings available.

Safety in first place at Betchain

From the start, BetChain Casino have been making an effort to provide a better customer experience for players. However, until now they did not offer provably fair validation. The game payouts are all audited but players were not able to check individual bet outcomes in the generator.

That’s why they have put an effort and incorporated the Provably Fair feature which will enable players at Betchain to feel safe while they are enjoying their favourite games. From now on, suspicious plays can be checked easily which will further help establish trust and credibility for this casino brand.

Betchain is growing fast

Since they have been established, Betchain Casino have been making an effort to constantly improve and enhance the gaming experience they offer.

Not long ago, the mobile casino was launched. Therefore, players can now enjoy playing at Betchain whenever they like regardless where they are.

The Provably Fair feature has been their latest addition. However, it probably won’t be the last one in 2014. Betchain Casino have planned more developments for this year. We just need to be patient and see what Betchain have in store for us.

VIP treatment at Betchain

Betchain also is one of the Bitcoin casinos that offer a VIP Club to their players. Members of the VIP Club are each month rewarded with cashback for their previous plays which they can use in the casino.

Join Betchain Casino today, and check out the amazing new Provably Fair feature.

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