Become the next Tiger Woods and win your share of $150K! (No golf skills necessary.)

Become the next Tiger Woods and win your share of $150K! (No golf skills necessary.)

It’s time to take a swing at huge prizes at Intertops Casino. Just play your favorite games and show off your skills in the $150,000 Golf Tour. Intertops Casino will give out more than $30,000 in prizes each week, and in the July 6th finale, you could win the grand prize of $1,000 CASH! So grab your best clubs and head out to the green: it’s time to golf your way to some awesome prizes at Intertops Casino.

How to enter the $150,000 Golf Tour

Your tee is waiting for you! Intertops Casino don’t require you to opt-in to take part in their Golf Tour. All you have to do is log in, deposit at least $75 throughout the week, and start playing your favorite games. That’s it!

Persevere and beat the competition

Each week, you’ll be competing against other Intertops Casino players in the $30,000 Weekly Leaderboard. Every leaderboard begins and ends Monday at 2:00am EDT (US Eastern Daylight Time).

That’s right: you’re free to play anything!

You only need to secure a spot in the top 300 in order to guarantee yourself a prize. Climbing the ranks is as easy as playing your favorite games at Intertops Casino. You’ll be given 1 point for every $100 you play through on any of Intertops Casino’s games. That’s right: you’re free to play anything!

The leaderboard is automatically updated on the $150,000 Golf Tour page at Intertops Casino’s website. Check often to get an idea of how hard your competitors are playing and see how many more points you need to get the prize you want.

  • 1st – 20th place: $500 bonus cash
  • 21st – 30th place: $300 bonus cash
  • 31st – 50th place: $150 bonus cash
  • 51st – 100th place: $75 bonus cash
  • 101st – 200th place: $50 bonus cash
  • 201st – 300th place: $30 bonus cash

Intertops Casino staff will credit all weekly leaderboard prizes on the following Tuesday. If you win one, your prize will be bonus cash and is subject to the casino’s standard bonus terms.

Play early in the week for Thursday rewards

Here’s yet another incentive to get started early. If you deposit at least $25 between Monday and Wednesday and play through it just once, Intertops Casino will throw your name into a weekly Thursday draw. You’ve got a good chance of being chosen to win even more bonus cash since 50 winners will be selected. This gives you a great opportunity to win even if your golf game isn’t so hot!

Take home the championship… and $1,000 cash!

Only one player can be the ultimate champion of the $150,000 Golf Tour. To earn this distinction, simply make it into the top 20 for any of the weekly leaderboard competitions. If your name is randomly chosen from all qualified finalists, you’ll have the honor of being crowned the best damn golfer at Intertops Casino. Oh, and a $1,000 cash prize.

Ready to put your name in the Golf Hall of Fame? Head over to Intertops Casino today to get started!

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