1 Spin Millionaire at Galaxy Pig Casino

Become 1 Spin Millionaire at GalaxyPig

Our favourite pig is having a blast and it wants you to have a great time as well. Should you decide to do this, you will get the opportunity to win a big jackpot prize without any additional stake and become a one spin millionaire. So pay a visit to GalaxyPig Casino immediately!

Be a millionaire

If you join this promotion it does not really matter what you are playing because, for every stake of €10 that you make, you will get a 1 Spin Millionaire ticket for free. This is an entrance card to win the big money prize! Of course, that age-old rule applies when it comes to earning tickets – the more you play the more tickets you get, and more tickets mean more chance to win the 1 Spin Millionaire Jackpot.

If you find this enticing, here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to GalaxyPig
  • Visit promo page
  • Hit play now
  • Play the eligible games
  • Earn tickets

How it works

Okay so this all sounds appealing if you ask me, but how does this actually work?

The 1 Spin Millionaire ticket consists of 5 numbers between 1 – 50 and 2 numbers between 1 and 12. To win the high money prize Jackpot you have to hit all 7 numbers. Oh, and what is also interesting is that all of your tickets will be part of one official draw.

"Jackpot has never been closer and within reach than now."

Every Tuesday evening at 21:30 CET there will be a draw. The last ticket for the current draw will be issued at 20:00 CET, and the new game start from 23:00 CET. Your 1 Spin Millionaire tickets take part of the transparent and official international drawing and will determine if your ticket is the winning one.

Only games marked with 1SM label are eligible for the 1 Spin Millionaire and will get you tickets the games is on. For exact winning tables and gaming details, I would advise you to read the terms and conditions carefully.

Terms and conditions

The promo period started on 18:01 CET on 6th October and will last until further notice. The game period runs every Tuesday from 23:00 CET to next Tuesday 20:00 CET. Every customer can participate for free without any additional stakes. 

The minimum amount that the player needs to stake to achieve a 1SM ticket to get for free can vary from game to game and could be seen at the table on the promo page of the GalaxyPig casino. The value of the stake to get one ticket ranges between €10 and €50.

These are only some of the rules but make sure to read all of them thoroughly, and also read our GalaxyPig Casino review

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